Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Lately I have been a bit "away" from the virtual world, either from my blog, my Twitter account, Facebook. There's been a lot of contemplation going on inside my mind. I dunno. The internet can be scary at times.

Internet is a masterpiece. It has allowed us to cross-express and cross-trade almost everything one can imagine. There's no more limitations and boundaries to have a voice in this world, to be heard, to share, to receive and even learn. Internet however, is a platform. We don't hide behind it, we run on it. We are on the front line, our names, our identities, our lives. Therefore, the 'human' factor is and shall always be the main content. Not fake names, not false information, not pretentious statements, not mis-lead assumptions and fights that happen because we trust what is said on the internet by people we don't even know more than we trust our loved ones.

I often find people who treat real life and internet as two different worlds, therefore show different personalities too. Why? Internet is also "real life", you know? At least for me. What I say & portray on my blog is exactly who I am in real life. So this is me. Raw. Internet helps us to reach those who can't be reach physically. And at the end of every reach, there are real life humans. Whatever you say or write on the internet, the world can see, the humans can feel. Have a heart. Even on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Agree... But unfortunately only few people understand this.

Nyela orang kayak udah hobby *sigh


Riri Febrianty said...

i am with you kak ! :))

Aulia Rohadatul Aisy said...

Setuju. Internet nggak punya tembok. Gmn pun harus tetep hati-hati.

christin said...

Di i'm one of your silent reader (and happy customer of UP shoes too ^^) . for me your blog is full of positivity and even i don't wear same style as you are , i love seeing your outfit :) . Just because silent readers who loves you don't comment doesn't mean they don't exist :). so ignore those haters, keep shining :)

Ida Ayu Melati said...

Yes, me too... but sometimes I try to understand that... maybe in internet they make their 'dream life' alive, which they can not make in real life.

Blogging and Facebook just become such a boom. And its true, sometimes I can not differentiate which one is fake and which one is not.

But yeah, intuition is important in such case. And honest to ourself too, does we like it, because we really like it, or just because many others like it. just like that. We should be honest. just like you did.

I believe that what you say and post here is real. And that makes me happy.

Love, Melati.

Yoshi Chinita said...


Semua bisa jadi korban. Nyela buat 1 orang, yang ngerasa banyak.

Those people should get a life.

Anonymous said...

wah pantesan blog k'dee akhir2 ini jarang di update..

internet emang terkadang menakutkan.. tapi tetap semangat kak!

i love your blog :)

Erlinda "Miss Little Town" said...

diana, i have to super agree with u on this. what kind of a person u r shows on the internet, through blogs, wallposts, friends u r friends with, etc. very true. Salute! :D

Anonymous said...

Semangat diana :) setuju ama christin. gaya gw ga sama kayak lo. jauh amat malah..but i like your blog. berwarnaaaa.
cheers up girl.
we with u insyaAllah

Mitha Komala said...

beautiful writing kak dii, and so true! :)

Puti Adrian said...

totally agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. banyak banget yang justru lebih menarik di internet than di real lifenya..what a pity

billy said...

Internet change my world indeed. :)

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