Thursday, March 24, 2011

Knowledge Box

This is so random I know...but below are some tips you might find useful when studying:

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  • Don't get caught in memorizing definitions or terms. When you are able to understand the most basic foundation (what, why, how), it's much easier to comprehend and explain things in your own words.

  • Challenge things. Don't just read and say, "oh so that's how it works". Ask, "why does it work that way? Can it work as well if we change A into B?".

  • For every topic we study, find a living example. Referring to examples is the greatest way to study.

  • See the bigger picture. Try to understand how one connects to another. At the end, everything falls under a system. Think systematically.

Enjoy! :)


12 IPA 2 Dobos Manado said...

thank you for the tips, diana! you are so adorable^^

AuL Howler said...


thanks so much kak diana :)

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

thanks kak! usefull + helpfull tips ;)

Anonymous said...

Hye!!! im ur new follower...
can u also ber my follower too ?
im a new blogger so i need lot of friends~

Myria Rafiz said...

Thanks for those tips, Dee!

I always write down anything, and by writing all those study materials I usually came up with an understanding of the study materials :)


Jing Pei said...

HI there! I just stumbled upon your blog and it's so inspiring. I love your girly quirky style :) Especially love the batik look you posted earlier!

Electa Shocked said...

thanks for the tips!
and i absolutely love the white top. :)

Sofie said...

very cute blog

salMADliYA said...

ka diana kereeennn..
makaasi ka diana.. pantesan aja kaka bisa nyampe S2, gaya belajarnya aja kaya gini. ckckck. selama ini gaya belajar org pinter kaya gitu tohh.. akan saya ikuti :)

salMADliYA said...

makassii ka di :)
pantesan aja bisa sampe S2.. gaya belajarnya ternyata gini tohh.. oke, akan saya ikuti :)

Akma Rosle said...

Wahhh! what a really useful tips from you!

I apply it for my Test 2 MGT 162. and I find it is damn useful. Thank you so much for the tips Diana.

Ha!Btw, I reblog this on my blog. Feel free to visit me there!

Lots of love from me!

eria eka wulandari said...

cantiknya kak! suka banget nih kaya gini, simple but perfect :D

Linda Regina said...

This look really reflects your personality. Yummy and very bubblegum :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Diana, great job on the blog! You do wonders in inspiring your readers.. I for one feel very positive (or, at least, I feel an urge to be more positive!) whenever I've read your post. Thanks, for that. Keep it real! :D

~ Adda

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