Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kebaya & Mangga Kweni

This is something to be really appreciated...and attempt of sustaining our culture and package it into something modern...a kebaya-shirt? Who would've thought...:)

Btw, I'm always amazed by how creative Mizone is...the idea of what they did in this video below is brilliant! :)

You guys should try their latest variant, Mizone 'Mangga Kweni''s reeeaaally good that you can even make it into a party drink! :)


Anonymous said...

the shirt is awesome! Do they have online store?

nuyuin said...

mana boleh dapat.?

henny vitri said...

the idea is really similar with coca-cola..dont you think?

Eunice said...

Mizone!! such a copycat...coca cola has done a similar thing in university campus in UK and EU a while back..

gloriaputri said...


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