Friday, January 21, 2011

Virtual Parade

This video made me smile...thank you...:)

Watching this video reminds me the joy of emails, blogs and other kinds of social media brings a positive impact in see, being connected is wonderful, moreover being able to communicate and share between countries in seconds...for those who use the internet to ruin other people's lives, you guys are pathetic, you know? :)


andinoeg said...


Siti Nurul Falah said...

lucuu paradenya :))

Sukma SuKkma said...


Hye Di, did u receive my email? pls chk ya..

ok take care :)

Sukma SuKkma said...


Hye D, did u receive my email?

plks chk ya..

tq & take care

eria said...

hahahhaha so funny.

Anonymous said...

setuju banget kak!!! orang yang pake internet buat jelek-jelekin atau merusak citra orang lain meskipun "cuma" buat lucu-lucuan sama dengan orang kampungan baru kenal internet! kasian deh!

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