Thursday, November 5, 2009

To purchase this weekend:

Over-the-knee boots.


Fashion Therapist said...

Agree 100%

michelle_ said...

totally true !
i think you could rock Rodarte's beige/khaki-colored over the knee boots very well :D

Wina said...

show us ur purchase if u did! : )

candyfeetish said...

wow, lagi trend ya hi boots? CF pernah bikin sih yang sedengkul, tapi, hehe.... ada post nya di blog, liat ajaaaaaaa say(hehe)...... :)

Anonymous said...

i can't imagine it if you wear the boots in this lovely country.. unless if you wear it with minis..
over the knee yow! i bet it's gonna feel hot.. i love boots, actually i really want the over knee boots, they look great. but like i said before, i'm sceptical if you wear it in this lovely country heheh!
well if you buy it, i want to know what will you pair it with..
we are waitingggg :D

Anonymous said...

just found this: PO JIMMY CHOO for H&M:

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