Thursday, November 5, 2009

At Sea

When I wake up to the warm first light, I often question myself and reevaluate life. Did I have to? Should I be? You could be me, I could be you. We could switch places, if we were meant to. But that's not to stress, that's not to think about. We all are swimmers, we all swim.


devishanty said...

or are we dancers? :D

Author in the making said...

Ha, that's very cool, and very true!

dela said...

how can we live our life freely?
i dont hink i can do it without think "should i? did i have to?"
life is stressful, and thoughtful too.

nyun.yuni said...

sometimes you're gonna need to grow a backbone and just dive in..

Elena said...

yep yep yep we are all persons living in this world. that´s it.

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