Thursday, October 8, 2009

Experimental Generation Goes to Urbie

Hey, y'all!! I've been sleeping the whole day due to sore throat...sigh...hope you guys are okay though...:)

Anyway, I thought I'd just let you all know in case anyone's interested... remember the store Urbie that just recently opened in June? Well they're having some competitions under the theme of "Experimental Generation Goes to Urbie" which I think is pretty exciting to take part in:
  • Newspaper Costume (3 persons per group)
  • T-shirt Renewal (2 persons per group)
  • Canvas Bag Painting (individual)
As specified in the poster below, you can simply contact Urbie at 08561096967 to register yourself or your group...

Click image for a larger view

Also, if you guys have been shopping at Urbie in the past one month, perhaps you've noticed that they've been having some gagdet giveaway / lucky draw program...they'll be picking out the winners on October 24th, 2009...the very same date when the competitions will be held...

is at Jl. Raya Jatiwaringin Kav. AU Blok A no.5, Jakarta Timur....good luck, guys!! :)


Author in the making said...

Sounds great, plz comment on my blog btw

Bownies-Spell said...

take a look at our blog, sist =)

~NiniZaki~ said...

Hye, I'm 11. I'm quite tall for my age. So when I shop,I always go to the adult section. I need advice. I'm attending this party and I wanna wear something different. cheap, and this item is availbe in KL.

lexaleopard said...

r u indonesian? haha lol

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