Saturday, March 21, 2009

Featured: Capricho

Thank you so much for the feature, Capricho!! :) To see more, click here!

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How would you describe your style?
I'm pretty much a playful person, so that is also reflected in my style. I like to experiment on a wee bit of this and that, so I have no particular red line on the way I dress except the high frequency of me sporting TIGHTS.

What/Who inspires your wardrobe and why?
People on the road, fashion bloggers, music videos, my boyfriend. Randomness is my biggest inspiration though.

What clothing item/accessory are you regularly wearing now?
Tights, mini skirts, blazers, killer heels.

What clothing item would you say is timeless?
A black blazer. Timeless and versatile.

What do you believe is the secret to become a stylish girl?
Be confident and be true to yourself. Never wear something just because everyone is. Learn your body type and figure out which type of clothes work. From there, just have fun! :D


FaFaFa said...

wow! =) the whole world will know u. heheh XD

ivanka said...

warrrghhh...cute bgt webnya hhh....
tuh kan dear,biar orang yang sirik mau ngomong apa juga nga ngaruh buat kesuksesan blogmu, toh kamu juga akan majuuu terusss tuh, ini buktinya...hehehe...hebring uey ;)

ps : thank GOD the trashy comment frm the post before, the words K***** gone, its so cruel, mungkin mencerminkan mental si komentatornya kali,hmp...

selly octavia said...

woww... another featured... semakin famous ni.... hhehhehehehe....

Indita, S said...

waaaw itu interview aslinya pake bahasa spanyol bukan sih, kak? ihh keren deh. bisa basa spanyol kak?
congratz for te fetured ya kak :-)

Fanny Trijayanti said...

huwaaaww,, congrats yaaa!! makin go public aja nii kak di,, =P

Vina said...

waa, keren. =)

and yes, you should be proud, girl. i loooovvvveee your style. =)

tepp said...

you're in here too :)

moo said...

Your blog is fabulous. It's my favorite ♥

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

do you speak portuguese (or spanish)?

Fashion-Maverick said...

proud of youuu Di!!!!hehehehe...

Gabi S said...

I'm from Brazil and I really love your clothes!
I can't believe that they (from Capricho) found you there, in Indonesia!
But well, I'll read your blog now!
Kiss, Gabi

Diana Rikasari said...

thank youuuuu, all!!! <3

FaFaFa: lol...will they? :D thanks, love! :)

ivanka: iyaaa...lucu banget yaaa...gue juga suka sama websitenya...and yes, i just had to delete those's too...much :'( thanks, dear...really appreciate it :)

selly octavia: lol..bisa aje luuuuu ;p

Talitha: i don't! it was translated the magazine team :)

tepp: ahhh...yes...thank you for the info!! :D

indita: interviewnya pake bahasa inggris say...mereka yang terjemahin...thanks yaaa :)

Gabi S: yeah..surprising indeed...thank youu! :)

Anonymous said...

im brazilian
i really love your style,how cute!
im jealous~

Camila Freitas said...

Hi I am Brazilian and I knew its blog through the site of the Capricho, adored its blog, very good. :D

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