Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Shoes for A New Year

From Mango...:)

Dress from Sharjeel, Zara striped t-shirt, Mango neckpiece, unbranded tights, elastic band worn as belt


Cheryl said...

Hi :)

Happy new year..
Nice blog-and nice taste..

Have a happy year!!!!

Lloyda said...

happy new year diana! love the shoes!!!! :)

how many shoes do you have? ;)

Ashley said...

I'm really liking this look. Kind of reminds me of Marni, artsy and girly.

Natassya Monica said...

diana, gue punya temen bisa bikin spatu lohh. ankle boots juga bisaa. gue abis bikin yg dari topshop, hauhua sama persiss. dgn harga yg sangat affordable.
btw, ive just linked you :D

lopi said...

What a better way to start off 2009, than with an amazing pair of fresh new shoes!
Happy New Year!!!

Chester said...

I love your new shoes!
Happy New Year!

Sunset said...

Love love love that dress! The color looks really good on you.

JuliaFuentez said...

how a great form to start the new year, best wishes:*

putrii :) said...

as usual.... looks cool but, let me guess, effortless, hah?
loveeeee your style Di..

PS. should i use 'ka' or something? bacause u're 10 years more than me actually . :p

Diana Rikasari said...

lloyda: oh dear, never ask...i'll never beat your collection ahahahha :D

ashley: really? never thought of it that way...thanks!! :)

Natassya Monica: waahhh...mau dong alamatnyaaaa :)

putri: gak usah laaah ahahaha..panggil aja Diana....;p

ariela♥ said...

I love your style! You are very trendy. I adore your shoes.

Trade links?

GRICIA said...

waa..i almost buy that boots..but i prefer another model..unfortunately they dont hv d size anymore =(

Disco *Diva || RitzzZ said...

hot shoes!

ps. happy new year!

intan said...

hot hot hot!!!
pke yah pas jalan!!!eh ga deng gw mauny lo pke boots yg scary itu hihihi nah looo

Viagem Compartilhada said...

I like this!
Happy new year!

Dalia said...

Really a nice start of new year. I love your shoes. Looking absolutely great.

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