Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dad, What's Topshop?

While I was on an escalator in a shopping center, I accidentally overheard a conversation between a little boy (probably 8 years old) and his father...

Boy: Dad, what's Topshop? (fingers pointing at Topshop outlet)
Dad: Topshop is a shop that only sell tops, son.
Boy: Oh, so they don't sell pants or shoes?
Dad: (with full confident) Nope!!

That is the cutest male-conversation ever heheheh....speaking of Topshop, these are some items I'm aiming to buy as soon as I get my allowance...;p


thatshautttefashion said...

haha that IS such a cute conversation.
wait is that a clutch? its hard to tell... but if it was a clutch i'd totally buy it.

Fashion Fake said...

ahh thats so hilarious!

I need those shoes!! Oh if only they had topshop in Australia; in my town "the topshop" is the local milk-bar!

ps thanks for linking me, I've linked you too - your blog is great!!

Diana Rikasari said...

Thatshauttefashion: That's actually a belt but it does look like a clutch in this pic...;p

Fashion fake: thanks a lot...:)

the_kitten said...

hahaha unbelievably cute.

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