Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birthday

Yes, happy birthday to me....yay. Birthdays are supposed to be happy, but for me, well, let's keep it quiet this time. It’s been a very tough year I must say, so I’ll spend my time today to do some reflection on my life and what I should be improving....

Btw, I got a gift from my parents…

Guess you know what’s inside heheh…but yeah, I've directly put them all in my savings so no shopping for me this time…now that's an improvement already...:)

Ps: I met Woro aka Mrs. Pradono today....she looked lovely as usual....:)

1 comment:

The Pradono's said...

oh my, that was ur birthday ya, darling? :)
maaf ya aku ngga tau, happy belated birthday!!

and forgive me for stunning like 2 seconds after u called my name, guess u became preetier than the last time we met..

ps : i did bought something from ninewest too.. hihihi.

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