Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate has caused me death, because the supposedly mouth-watering chocolate waffle ice cream turned out to be in poor taste. Such a disenchantment....:(

Anyhow, today was an incredibly pleasing day as I unintentionally met a lot of my friends in Pondok Indah Mall...Intan, Didiet, Jengay, Dhanika, Iki, Indira, Ramin, Pute, Ramin...woah...that's a lot for a coincidence heheh....

My actual plan was to get some black satin trousers but ended up in me buying a black blazer instead…forgive me Sharjeel for I have committed a sin again heheheheh … (why am I laughing??)

1 comment:

V oN toP said...

nice jacket!i've been searching for it for ages but none seems to fit me.guess i have to get mine tailor-made

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