Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The year 2004-2005

This was the time when i was in Nottinghamshire, England for my second year of BSc Computer Science and Management Studies. It was a great time and did alot of things over there..had wonderful friends and played league stage cricket for this place ...dam i forgot the desi area in nottingham..yeah its Redford hehehehhe...the game used to be at Nottingham Stadium which was next to the bridge..first day i got my finger crushed hehehe..

Then my house was full of guitarists and crazy heads..under that influence and alot of free time i bought this guitar and played few tracks...well according to Diana i really suck at i can hardly play three tracks and thats also a tab version and not complete..well any how following are the pics i found somewhere so i thought of posting it...then when i came to kl...studies got tougher and yeah my pda got stolen in the KTM and i sold this beauty...:(

Nottingham was a great experience and i learnt alot besides the book about life...Worked there and met many people...was pretty well known around the pakistani community and they all meet up with me when im back in Karachi ..some of them are Talha (same name like my younger brother), Zeeshan Bhai and i forgot again the other name...

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