Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lollipop Tragedy

I'm quite a fan of Lindsay Lohan...and I felt really sad about her being involved in the DUI and cocaine problems....I mean, come on....she's such a cute girl...errr...was...hehehhe....anyway, below is an interview with Michael Lohan (Lindsay's dad) by OK! Magazine....

I was a bit touched by his words...felt so...fatherish...(is there even such a word? ;p)....but then, this person on PerezHilton.com gave a comment which I find dramatically perfect in replying the so-called fatherish father....

Lavender says:

Michael Lohan is so lost and clearly is just missing the bigger picture, firstly, its not about love, anyone is capable of loving, its about the right love, and loving people in a healthy effective way. Clearly Michael loves his children, but its destructive and sick love. Then, when he says he will die for his children, he again just sadly misses the point, its not about whether you will die for someone you love, but will you be a good and honorable person, so that you can be an effective parent. The first thing you are instructed to do when you get on a plane is to secure your own oxygen mask, and then that of your child. Just so sad.

Such a perfect reply. 100 for you. 20 for Michael Lohan.

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