Friday, June 15, 2007

De Jakarta Trip

I say 'Hellooooo Jakarta!!'

This is Sharjeel reporting for duty...After the endless efforts of Diana and her family, I finally managed to get the visa Monday morning, hours before the flight..phew it felt just like a movie scene. Everything was co-ordinated perfectly...rendezvous points were set and all the objectives were achieved..and here we were chilling at the airport waiting to get on the plane and step in Jakarta!!!!

In the above picture, On the special request of the most special person, I was wearing the white U2 shirt and my polo jeans with the choco gives more like a Cuban look...not much to say for the beauty on my left as every one knows her taste and fashion sense is like "sky is the limit"...

Here weeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooooooooo..Helllooo Jakartaa@@@!!!!..and we were having fun in Senayan City or was it Senayan Plaza..anyways they both are next to each other..and in the pic below..we are at this wickedly expensive had a more like a medieval touch..may be im wrong..but it was like in Nottingham...u know old english picture SUX big time..I look fat and chubby as compared to the cutie pie next to me...(Diana why did u put this pic :P)

Ok,..this picture was our idea..Diana was on the 1st floor taking the pic..while i was posing under the shoe thingy..this is kinda nice place..just like klcc style..or may be The Curve..The moment security noticed me posing and the flash going on...they came up and asked us not to take pics..makes any sense?????? Good Lord its a shopping centre YaaarRR!!!!Well any ways..after all who cares..we took the pic...

Here we Rolll PonDok IndAhhhhHHHHhh!!!! It was far from Bay-kasi but it was nice drive..we saw this haunted banglow where they say the whole family was murdered..spooky innit? Ok...this picture is at Shaboo Shaboo..Japanese styla steamboat..Its very healthy food..and hardly any fat...although because of my middle easter/Pakistani taste buds,..the flava of the food didnt really hit but it was nice and was my first time eating Japanese steam boat..This restaurant is in Pondok Indah....

U can check out below the nutritous, scrumptious, delicious, japanilicious ingredients of the wonderful meal we had which was financially endorsed by INTTTTTtttttTTTTtttaaaan!!!!!

Snowhite and her sister posing @ pondocK Indah mall..Terima Kaseh Intan for the meal...thank youuuuuuuuu....Oh yeah ..after the meal we grabbed the movie Oceans XIII,...ofcourse it was marvelous.

Oh yeah i forgot to mention what i had was a Seed shirt and my valentino half pants along with quick silver slippers..and from my knowledge the sweet lady is wearing topshop (Drool Drool)..and we went to Death by Chocolate YEAH!!!!! ...chocolate...Die eating chocolate...this restuarant got everything from ...Z in chocolate..dope ur self Chocolate.yeah check out the stuff we word for it..MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!!!!

And here we go ...HELLLO BANDUNGGGGGGGGG!..dam i was like a kid excited and checking out the places like a new born kid checking out the hospital room he/she is born in..ok its lame but thats the best i can think of right hell..Bandung was wicked...well ofcourse the chick with me..I love my lady yyup yup i love my chick..drove to Bandung in her Peugot 306...The highway was nice..NO SPEED TRAPS!!!..perfect road...Floored the accelerator at few places..beautiful sceneries..mind bottle-ing journey...(for the definition of this word watch Blade of Glory)...

Upon arrival in Bandung we hit this factory is considered to be the most nicest one in perspective of the environment and the facilities..its like a mini village of BRANDS!!!..yes Brands..all the way from hugo blah blah blah..i went brain came out from my ears..gosh it was hard to decide what to pick ..cuz everything was marvellous and daym it was cheap...I think i'll shop for my wedding in Bandung...we'll save money ...what u say tootsie? comes another belly busting episode of this restuarant (i forgot the name) ..its all the way uphill..2 km away from Kampung Dau...beautiful places..urge me to buy a house near future for our monthly excursion sometime in the future when i will have my S class..hehehhee..ok we went for lunch along with the lady's was the most beautiful and scenic restuarant ive ever been was very culturally eccentric ..from the place to the dining area....the dining area were like Chalets of wood.....Check out the was ..once again belly busting and mind bottle-ing....

This gonna be my honey moon spot..its just a plan...gosh it was beautiful..imagine in the morning u wake to u is ur beautiful princess..and u open the window and u check out the natural beauty ..hehehhehe...

I really like her outlook here..speechlessly cute..well my pose didnt really work here but anyways its a nice and beautiful picture according to me..its at the restuarant..

Here we come..i was severely deseased with shopping fever..and we knocked down each and every shopping outlet in search of stuff..found everything besides the shoe for my giant feet..daym i love that place..

Ok just after the shopping around the shopping outlets..we had this nice and cosy looking restuarant..had some food there..the food was just ok..but i liked the environment and the music..turned out to be a candle night dinner ..was pretty romantic too..

Ok...then after getting back from Bandung..we met up with Diana's corporate friends..Dhanika's boy friend, Dhanika, Nono, the smart guy..and two more girls ..sorry lot im not brain kinda needs some tuning ..hehehhe...the place my it was really nice..Indonesians are very very artistic in anything from garments to is another example of a nice romantic and breath taking restuarant..the lightning according to me was pretty dim but according to Dhanika..its check out the pics and enjoy the weight gaining mouth watering food... comes the day ..I was a bit nervous..cuz I had no clue how Diana's mates would percieve me..u know i mean meeting her friends for the first time..Somehow it turned out to be a re-union of her whole was great meeting every one...from her uni..had somegreat chats...with the people..nice food at Red tomatoe (Plaza Indonesia). Met all her friends...they all were really happy to meet Diana and each other ..which as a fact was very comforting for me..stomach acheing flashes..and the lovely pizza......

In the above picture ..Diana is with her friends..I remember the name Dhanika, Surya...the rest ..sorry..i remem the girl in the right pic is from P & G...hehehhehe my memory needs upgrades..

The picture below with Dina..yeah i got It..and atiek...the reason i remem Atiek's name is because back in Pakistan i know one of my uncle has the same name..hehkekeke hehehhe...any how..wonderful friends..really had a great time..oh wait my outlook here..hhehe its this black jeans and converse...Dina is from Aqua or Denon..and Atiek is from Toyota...

These are Diana's other friends...they all were really happy to meet each other..u can see me at the back...dunno what i was doing..may be explaining someone my head cranking perspectives.

This is one of Diana's friend called Didit and me in another restuarant..we chatted for quite sometime from consoles to home theatre equipments...had a nice chat with that guy...

Ok this was another gang which we were suppose to meet on the same day..its Achit from Bandung...We walked around..i bought a picture frame...and wished Achit happy belated birthday...I love this pic..u can probably figure out that outlook..polo-energy :P...oops sorry im bragging..

Ok..then the same night..4 of Diana's friends Dhanika, Nono, Dina and Dino/Dika..dam i forgot..We chatted ..i made some crazy jokes..which made them probably think of me as a guy with empty was fun..we played cards..and i lost twice..these girls i donno what to say...MAMA!!!!!!!!

One of my fav restuarants in Jakarta was the Tamani Cafe..the food was superb..and wasnt that expensive and the environment was clean and nice...Fav dishes were cordon blue, cheesy mushroom chicken, garlic bread...hehehe..i look so UGLY in this picture and i dunno why Diana posted that pic.Diana looks cute...very Tootsie roll..

And then we checked out her Universitas Indonesia. Its quite big university..Infact bigger then Nottingham UK campus..ofcourse not if u combine the Jubilee, University Park and Sutton Bonington campus..but it was huge trust was like a city it...they got it..

It was our last day and Diana had to meet her friend ..i forgot the name..and she was getting her university DVD ...with all the uni pics and all..and we hit star bucks for some caramelo hot chocolato and brewed coffee.I was wearing the most comforting Indonesian them..wearing them right now as well (while writing the blog)..

And we were on the plane back to KL...7 days of fun, happines,,, flashed like a bullet i don fancy train..i would say it flashed like a twin turbo charged Mazda Rx-7 ...It was sad for me to leave Jakarta..but i was happy to carry with me the ever loveable and most beautiful memories i had...and KL-810 landed at KLIA..and we were back in KL :(

Ela Soprano Di Jakarta

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