Thursday, May 10, 2007

What The......???

Okay, now I really really understand how artists feel when their creations are see, I have this gallery in, and people used to take my pics for layouts, wallpapers..or whatever which I really hate but still tolerate coz they are just somehow there on the computer...but this one is...baaaaahhhh!!! I just hate it a lot and was extremely speechless when I saw it in Sungei Wang with Sharjeel....see, my original pic :

was used as a design for a t-shirt :

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....i didn't even bother asking for the price or entering the shop...i was just sooooo mad knowing the fact that i stupidly cannot do feels like somebody stole something valuable from you, and yet they make money from it...yuck...


The Pradono's said...

Die.. die.. u should registered it before showin to the world those beautiful art u got.
beneran deh.. di paten-kan saja sayang, di paten-kan. okeh?
kaya peggy melati sukma dengan 'puuusiiiiiingg'nya itu..

ed said...

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fashion addict said...

sorry to say, diana
i used it as my hp's wallpaper

aineainos said...

kak, bikin gambar kaya gitu pake apa ? kok bisa bagus ?

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