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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Happy World Autism Acceptance Day

Happy World Autism Acceptance Day 💙 My son is autistic, non-verbal, has very minimum level of comprehension, cannot read nor write nor count, has to be supervised 24/7, has no sense of danger, is 10 years old and still wears diapers, and he is just who he is. His name is Shahmeer, loud and proud. I am thankful for life, for him, for everything he is, although our life is not at all 'easy'. It felt very difficult in the earlier years, but nowadays, it's the life we know, and we embrace it with love and only love. I am a proud mother of an autistic young boy, and I have never cowered from society's standard of normalcy. Going out with him has always invited many stares from strangers due to the odd noises and body movements he makes, sometimes followed by major meltdowns in public areas too, but I don't want our life to stop just because all that. Let them stare, let them wonder, even better, let them ask me and I will always happily explain about autism.

I have learned, that autism is not a mountain to climb, but a garden to nurture. It requires constant care, knowledge, dedication, commitment and unconditional love to make sure the flowers bloom in the right way, at the right time. My son might not be able to speak, but his love, his love pierces through my heart so strongly. I know he loves me so very deeply, and I do too.

To other parents with autistic children: hold your head up high and be proud. You have the richest life one can ever imagine. Our hearts are so big and it will keep expanding. You will continue to learn so much and you will see life in such great depths. Life becomes incredibly meaningful with all the little wins you see in your child. You and your little one, you are amazing. We can do this ❤️

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