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Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 Reflections


  1. In any situation, be the kind one always.
  2. Being kind allows you to take control of life. Whatever comes your way, you will be able to stay calm and composed because you are as light as a feather, floating with grace.
  3. Say what you need to say. You deserve to be honest with your feelings.
  4. When people take you for granted, draw a line. You can still be kind, but you can set boundaries on how much (or how little) they deserve your time, attention and energy.
  5. Stop entertaining people who only come to you when it is convenient for them.
  6. Focus on what you do best with deep, genuine passion. Your consistency will organically lead you to great opportunities.
  7. Say "no" again and again if that's how you feel. Your life, your choice.
  8. Be unapologetic with your life values. Peer pressure is foolish. Stay away from friends who pressure you into doing things that you are not okay with. 
  9. Nerds are the coolest.
  10. Happiness is an accumulation of small, sweet memories. Focus on those small moments.
  11. Be grateful because you're alive today.
  12. Every morning is a new opportunity to become better. Be better.
  13. Acknowledge when the people you love are unfortunately toxic. Don't sugarcoat. Don't find justifications. Don't be trapped. Acknowledging is your first step in finding a solution for yourself and for your relationship. 
  14. You cannot change people who do not want to change. You then realize that changing people is not your responsibility anyway. Focus on yourself.
  15. Learn to communicate your feelings eloquently. Don't make people have to guess how you feel. Tell them how you feel as clear as possible.
  16. Many people are selfish. I am not. I am kind. I am wise. I am strong. I will stay that way.
  17. You have to make your days fun by being a fun person. Learn to be a fun person.
  18. Life is difficult, so it is important to have a great sense of humor and find humor in hardship.
  19. Humor heals.
  20. Love heals.
  21. Kindness heals.

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