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Friday, December 6, 2019

I Talked at TEDx LausanneWomen!

I never saw this coming, but here we are, here I was, sharing about my #UNICORNMOM values to such a huge crowd in TEDx LausanneWomen. The audience that night was around 1,500 people. Tickets were sold out. It was a night so many people were looking forward to in Lausanne, a powerful event filled with so much positive energy, and I am truly honoured & humbled to be able to participate this year as a speaker. Like OMG. Last year I came as an attendee, and now I'm the one speaking? Just wow.

My talk that night was titled “How to Become a Unicorn” ~ a talk about the importance of authenticity, practicing mindfulness and daring to live outside of the box. I crafted this talk within 1,5 months with the help and support of amazing mentors; Ashley & Justyna from the TEDx LausanneWomen committee. My beautiful slides were illustrated by the one and only Dinda Puspitasari (I love you!).

Before going on stage, public-speaking coach, Soness Stevens, asked me, “what would you like to achieve with your audience from this talk? Write it at the bottom of your shoes so when you step foot on stage, it empowers and resonates with you”. Isn’t this such a beautiful idea? And it did. I wanted to connect, engage and became friends with my audience and I felt it. It was magical.

Was I nervous that night? VERY VERY MUCH. I meditated a lot, controlled my breath backstage, drank lots of water, prayed. I was so afraid I might forget my script. I mean, it's a 12-minutes-long script. IT'S LONG, okay? Hahah. But as soon as I stepped on that stage, I felt relaxed more than ever. I remembered each and every word, each and every line, and I made myself brave enough to look into the eyes of my audience. I've done so many talkshows and seminars and live TV interviews, but this was different. This was special. "This has to be magical", I kept telling myself. I just wanted my (I-don't-know-when-I-will-ever-get-this-kind-of-opportunity-again) talk to touch, inspire, empower and change people's lives within my capacity, my way.

I dressed up as a unicorn, wore sparkly clothes, and that was it. I was in my element. I was so happy. It was such an amazing experience. After the talk, I was SHOCKED to have so many people coming to me expressing how much they enjoyed my talk. Some even cried as they felt the talk being so relevant to their current situation at the moment. Some wanted to take pics together. Some wanted to try on my unicorn headband (LOL!), some just wanted to hug. So beautiful.

The power of being true to yourself is indeed very powerful. Never let anyone dull your sparkle. ✨🦄


caca said...

Hi Diana, so proud of you. Can't wait to hear your TedTalk being published in TedTalk youtube so I could listen to it too :) said...

Dearest Diana, I was not the only one- among our big group of( Brazilian) women on Thursday. You have touche our hearts and made the change spread- my friend, who is psychologist, went to by unicorn clothes for her daughter the day after.
You made such an impact with your sweetness, depth and inner poder. You are a source of inspiration for me because I am also a foreigner here and for the last seven years I have tired to adapt mysrlf. What a mistake. Thanks to your beautiful speech I am connected to my inner unicorn power. Loads of love.

Nadia K. Putri said...

Great! So proud of you Mbak Diana!

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