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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Oh Hubby

I can never attend any parents meeting with my hubby like normal adults. During the meeting, we would always look at each other and somehow share a joke just with our eyes, and then we both look down or look at the window covering our mouths because we both are holding our laughters. Then the teacher would look at us both and ask, "are you okay" and I would then say, "I'm sorry, I just new a few seconds to laugh". Then we both laugh in tears and the teacher would eventually laugh too and the whole meeting just becomes a joke because none of us can keep a straight face. HAPPENS. EVERY. MONTH. Such odd parents.



Mrs. Aa said...

somehow.. you guys look really cute with your own way to be happy..
adore you <3

Mrs. Aa

Angie said...

Dear Diana, I love the fact that you still regularly update your blog, not only your instagram account. I hope it will never change, I will always look up at you as my favorite blogger.

Your old fans :)

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