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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Amsterdam & Brussels

So happy to have 2 more countries ticked off our Europe must-visit countries list yayyyyyyy! This time we drove all the way to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. Kudos to my hubby S who drove sooo loooonggg I love you so much, sayang! :)

  • Amsterdam is so artsy, has soooo many art museums and galleries everywhere.
  • I love the entrepreneurial vibes in Amsterdam.
  • In Amsterdam, seems like the rights of a cyclist is higher than of a pedestrian's. They won't stop for you!
  • Also in Amsterdam, I didn't see any pedestrian crossing (weird?). So if you want to cross a city street, you just wait for a gap in traffic.
  • I love the fact that fries are served everywhere with so many kinds of toppings. They even have fries with peanut sauce topping! I love fries. Where there are fries, there is Diana. Fries for life.
  • Meanwhile, the hot waffles at Waffle Factory, Brussels is sooooo good. Crunchy outside, soft inside, a bit sweet, just perfect. Order it with Belgian Dark Chocolate topping!

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Panty Buns said...

Your visits to Amsterdam and Brussels look and sound fascinating! Crossing the streets in Amsterdam sounds like it could be unnerving. Your description of the Waffles at the Waffle Factory in Brussels just made me hungry for them.
I love the beautifully colourful outfits you wore during your travels there!!!

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