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Friday, November 30, 2018

A Bag For Mom

I miss my mom so much. We often argue but we get along pretty well too, especially when it comes to shoes and bags hehehhehe. Ever since I started working and earning my own money, I have always always loved treating my mom fashion items. To me, there’s this great self-satisfaction seeing my mom going out to meet her friends carrying a pretty bag that I bought for her. I know it sounds rather materialistic, but after everything my parents have done to me, I have always felt the need to literally pay them back financially through actual money and goods.

The last bag I bought for her was in August, a bohemian-print Longchamp Le Pliage bag that she really loved and I’ve been seeing her wearing it everyday ever since. Today I feel like buying her something again. This Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag might be it. She has always wanted one albeit this bag being worn by so many people (read: so mainstream), but I think I should get this for her.

This one’s a good preloved find from I’m quite surprised on the options available on this website. They have a wide range of brands; from Tory Burch to Michael Kors to Prada to Chanel.

They have other categories too like shoes, watches, even for men. Most importantly, they offer both new and preloved items, authenticity guaranteed.

I think what makes this website most interesting is their gift wrap service with a personalized wrapping paper and personalized card, so it’s perfect for gifting your loved one without any fuss. Here’s how I did it for my mom:

I’m so happy already. This makes me happy. Miss you so much, mom. Wishing to see you very soon. And I hope you’ll love the bag.



Dhidhit said...

tasnya bagus.....

Erra Kyra said...

so sweet ^^ keep update.. love ur "ngomel" hehe
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