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Sunday, August 12, 2018

You're So Pretty

Social media is becoming less real - is the reality. More show, less substance. Girls be like “you’re so pretty” to each other on Instagram but like that’s it, as if the only quality a female has is “pretty”. Compliments revolve around the face or the body, more skin deemed even better.

But why can’t us girls be an advocate of our own kind where we promote about being strong, being educated, being compassionate, being passionate, and actually care about other girls on a deeper level besides “you’re pretty”? As if girls are simply bodies without substance ~ as long as you look good in photos. What about real human connections? What about being a girl who actually does something great? And celebrate those who do?

On social media: your (pretty) face is what matters, everything else is simply a background. Can we please change that?

Being pretty is good, being complimented “you’re pretty” is good, complimenting someone “you’re pretty” is good. But let’s not stop the conversation there. I mean, all girls who wear make up, make their hair with a curler or straightener, wear extensions, able to find good lighting, will end up pretty in pics anyway. So what’s the big deal. 😂

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