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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Welcoming My First (Fancy) Crocs

To be honest, these Balenciaga crocs platforms were a love-at-first-sight for me. The moment I saw these ridiculous yet somehow adorable sandals on the runway and heard they were already available for purchase, I directly went online to purchase them but sadly they were immediately sold out. Sad news for me.

Over time, I started reading people's review and comments about them and I sort of developed some hesitation to get them because 1) their reviews were 100% awful and mean, 2) they judge people who actually buy them. But seriously though, why so judgmental? Sigh.

Some people like me just see beauty in "ugly" things, and people like "us" can detect and appreciate "art" in even the weirdest objects. And guess what: people like us don't judge other people's taste. That's because our minds are so free and fun, we love the concept of individuality and just being honest about what we love and what we don't without the pressure of society. Yet on the contrary, the other group of people will say things like, "those are fugly", "never in my life will I befriend anyone wearing that", "don't let 'fashion' fool you", "anyone who wears that is stupid". It might seem like simple remarks that were written in 3 seconds without even thinking much, but truthfully, by writing that, it just shows how ignorant and judgemental you are about other people who share different preferences than yours.

If you don't like it, just don't buy it.

Be nice to things you don't or can't understand.

Be nice to people who are not your cup of tea.

Be nice to people who love things that are not your cup of tea.

Just be nice in general.

And hey, I finally got them! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! :)

Zara t-shirt and skirt, Burberry bucket hat, Gucci bag, Balenciaga crocs platform


Anonymous said...

if it's not balenciaga, just a cheap brand or probably just crocs with the same model, would you buy it?

Unknown said...

Fashion segitunya ya Die.. Die, sekali2 foto pakai roller blade dong, hihi.. statement bgt deh belum ada yg kaya gitu sepertinya..

love, hunz

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