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Sunday, June 10, 2018

About Depression & Anxiety

The topic of depression and anxiety have been gaining more awareness lately, and since mental illness used to be something people would rather hide or suppress, this is definitely a good change. Although I have fortunately never been overly depressed and have never really experienced anxiety to an extreme point, I do have a few people within my own circle of family and friends who have struggled and are still struggling through depression; some who thought of suicide, and one who actually did. I have been in a room with my own good friend who was already holding a knife trying to end her life at that time. I have found someone trying to suicide in her dorm room that I had to call security guards and we broke her door and I had to drove her to the hospital in my pajamas and with my hands fully shaking. I have witnessed how really serious it can get.

Depression is a really serious matter that is often shattered by society - usually labeling the person going through it as being "a drama queen" or "too sensitive". I used to think this way too (and I am deeply sorry), but over time, I have learned and understood better that the emotions a depressed person deals with can be extremely overwhelming that it takes over one's sanity, making a person unable to think or feel clearly. So when they say, "I am nothing, I am worthless, I wanna die", it's not a metaphor, it's an actual feeling and intention caused by the imbalance of chemicals and hormones affecting how their brain works. It's confusing, it's real, it's serious.

We need to help them.

I am no expert in this matter, but from my personal experience, this is how we can at least help.
  • Listen, listen, listen. Listen to what they are telling you. And when they are telling you, don't try to end it with simple (stupid) responses like, "naaahh, you're okay, you're just not thinking straight right now", or "are you crazy? shut up!", or "I think you're being too sensitive.. lighten up, tomorrow you'll be fine". Do not just simply end the conversation. A long, in-depth, open communication is what helps them heal.
  • Instead, ask them, "why are you feeling that way?". Let them share with you more, let them cry, let them scream, let them pour out everything that is bothering them even when it sounds so confusing to you. No judgments, just be a kind ear. 
  • Be there for them. Don't let them be alone. Accompany them as much as possible. Sit with them. Eat with them. Watch TV with them. Go jogging with them. You don't need to always talk. Just be present and be there. 
  • If you feel that they are not feeling any better, help them meet a psychiatrist who can help them further professionally.
If you yourself are the one going through depression or anxiety, I am truly sorry for your extremely difficult battle. Please please share your feelings with someone you can trust or feel comfortable with. Try to recognize the symptoms when you are not feeling yourself or when you are finding it very hard to simply feel happy about anything. Understand that this is not coming from you, but your mind being taken over - therefore try your very best to fight it. Be honest about your feelings and seek help.

May God always protect us all.


Unknown said...

ya ampun Die, what an horror situation that was!.. Yes, couldn't agree you more. Jangan samakan sama diri kita, tapi baca dari point of view mereka, be in their shoes.. Apalagi aware sama orang2 sekitar kita, orang terdekat kita.. :( Thanks Die for sharing.. <3



back to right way.. said...

Thanks for this sharing, diana... It happens around my society.
Love this article

Nadia K. Putri said...

Thanks for sharing this article. This article is great! This morning I almost ended up my life with planning some suicide in my bedroom. Then, I remember that there's a call centre who can prevent me from suicide.

Here it's. May useful for us :)

RSJ Marzoeki Mahdi, Crisis Centre: 0251-8310611

Iis Arista Hardianti said...

Thanks ka 🍃🌻

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