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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

So cliche to say this over and over again, but really, time flies. 2017 felt so fast and exhausting yet full of new and rich experiences I am beyond grateful for. Published my third #88LOVELIFE book, relaunched Up with a new direction, had my Schmiley Mo team handle our shows at London Fashion Week and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week with me managing from afar (and surprisingly it’s possible!), moved to Switzerland, gave birth to my beautiful Daria, and most importantly, proved to myself that I am able to handle 2 kids in a foreign country without any help and still stay sane and look fab..:D

Nevertheless, everything is possible because I have such a supportive family and circle of friends; my parents who have always been there for me, my hubby who is an all-in-one husband/ bestfriend/ partner/ coach/ mentor/ driver/ bodyguard/ tech officer/ salesman (but he scares my customers away during bazaars), my best friends who always respond to my weirdest Whatsapp messages and give me the greatest life advices. Above all, Allah has always been kind, giving me new lessons every day so I never stop learning. Dear 2017, thank you for the thrilling ride.

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FJ said...

Dear Diana, I appreciate this blog so much you have no idea!
Semoga Allah meringankan beban kalian di perantauan dan semoga dikurniakan banyak kebaikan.
My heartfelt doa for you and your lovely family.

Salam cinta dari Malaysia!

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