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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Someone's turning 4 months next week. I honestly feel like I just gave birth yesterday, you know? I feel like life here in Switzerland moves very fast. I've been nervous about many things, perhaps this week has been a week filled with anxiety somehow. Sometimes I'm just scared because I am no longer in control of where we will be due to S's job, and that kind of uncertainty just kills me a little. Sometimes I get frustrated having to work only via emails and Whatsapp when what I need is to just sit down together with my team face to face. Sometimes I just feel lonely. Sometimes I just feel like a nobody. But many times, I remind myself of how blessed I am, how blessed we are as a family. Many times, I am happy because I get to breathe fresh air and have all the space I need. Many times, I am happy to just sit on the bus with friendly strangers and appreciate every second I have. Dear Allah, may you always guide my heart.


dheaalfacitra said...

Kak, i always love you as an individual who is always grateful and see only the good things in everything!, and also manage to be always positive. Beberapa waktu lalu aku liat instagram Kak Di tentang ada orang yang meniru design UP, Kak Diana nggak langsung menyerang dan masih sensor namanya, malah aku yg jadi kesel sendiri terus spam ke instagram olshop tsb. Huhu. Kemudian awal tahun lalu kalo ngga salah aku liat blog Kak Diana soal delay-nya UP untuk aktif kembali itu tapi Kak Diana tetep dgn positif melewati itu semua. May Allah always bless you and your family <3 <3 Daria is so cuuuuute

vinkamaharani said...

I love how you stay true by admitting how you get lonely sometimes. I love how you being honest by having fear of uncertainty. But your positive conclusion is what I love the most. A very big hug to you, Diana!

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