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Monday, April 24, 2017

Random Ramblings

It's interesting that one of my bestfriends has always told me on how she believes that "life starts at 40". I didn't get it. I never did. But I think I kinda do now. The early thirties is when you kinda question yourself about a lot of things; whether you've done enough, whether you're on the right track, whether you've saved enough, what are you gonna do next. I think the thirties is that decade of contemplating about your life in every tiny detail - all that while you're juggling your other life, be it motherhood with naughty toddlers, your mid-level management job, your ever changing passion, your marriage. And when you eventually reach 40, you sort of graduate, and start a life with more stability - mentally, financially, emotionally. But one thing that I also read and will always remember, is that the age of a human's productivity is between 20-60 years old. So you have 40 years in life to be productive with no excuses. So if I'm still thirty today, it means I've only spent 25% of my productivity years and still have 75% more to go. Now isn't that just motivating AND awesome? I LOVE THAT THOUGHT!

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Wow , just know that! I think your idea about that concept is right. I can feel it now i'm going 30 this year still many questions of life and struggle in many aspects. But fortunately i always seeking a good and positive people around me to give a good vibe, like you!

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