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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Irresponsible People....FY.

I think I'm gonna cry right now. I have been, and maybe today I'll cry some more just to make myself slightly better. I have been working on a new concept of Up and decided to reconstruct my whole website system just to start fresh and anew. The total time spent for this was supposed to be 2 months, and I'll be having my business running again by February 2017. But March has passed, and today is already April, my heart is aching so badly. My photographer just disappeared with all the products he was supposed to shoot, and until today he is not replying to any of my Whatsapp, SMS, emails, DM, not even picking up my calls. On top of that, my IT developer is just acting the same. He's been giving me one excuse after another to not finish my website on time, and until today, my website is still a mess. I cannot take it anymore, a part of me is just telling me to give up and screw all of this. But this is a business I have built for 6 years, and I feel utterly betrayed by my own team. What did I do to deserve all this? My business has been closed for 4 months already, and it is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Keep striving kak! You deserve better. Perbanyak sabar, semua pasti ada jalan keluarnya. Tetap semangat and smiling kak di😊

Anonymous said...

Hai Kak Di, aku turut sedih dengernya. Aku percaya kak Di pasti bisa melewatinya walau dari sebrang benua. Aku salah satu yang sudah tunggu2 konsep baru iwearup. Jika ada yang bisa dibantu, silahkan aja kak di post, pasti banyak orang baik yang mau bantu orang berdedikasi kayak kak Di.

Love you!


big blog closet said...

Be strong D. Ive been following you since day 1. From one entrepreneur to another. I know u are such a strong person. U are bigger than this problem. Im sure u can think of a way even if u hv to start from scratch.

U will solve this. It is just a matter of time. Take it as a challenge.

Much love from kl.

Unknown said...

Sabar Kak D, banyak berdoa dan memohon ke Allah SWT. InsyaAllah pasti banyak jalan kak, Allah yang membolakbalikkan hati seseorang, pasti akan baik-baik saja kak, pasti dapat yang terbaik :)

Semangat kak! Fighting! :D

vinkamaharani said...

Oh my God,I'm so sad to read this. I want to give you a hug right now. It's okay to cry a lot for a while but let's find out how to solve them.

How about try a quick emergency solution like using platform to hire photographer & web developer with third party included to be responsible in money/payment things? Like or As a mom and online shop seller I used their service once in a while because I can't pay staff regularly but need a hand and it's guaranteed until the workout/project done!

I know this means you need to start over from zero, but you've already have the concept in your mind so itu isn't really back to square one. And yes perhaps the quality not as good as people who you've hired before (but doesn't have the conscience,tho), but at least the web will done in definitive time and the business keep running. I hope you got some ideas after read this.

Keep your heads up, dearest Diana!
Sent you my prayer & hugs from Sidoarjo,
Vinka Maharani.

hanny arianty gultom said...

Semangat Die! You CAN DO it! Like you always CAN!



hanny arianty gultom said...

Ohyah Die, Kalau lagi mau photo products, suami gw buka jasa foto produk juga, kalau mau, bisa inquiry PLnya di or bisa liat di IGnya @jasafotoprodukjkt dan kalau cocok bisa langsung dikerjain..



ephy scarf said...

Hai kak, sudah lama gak nyapa.
Maaf ya...
Semoga urusannya cepat beres.
Kalau ada yang bisa aku bantu, kabari aku ya.

Email aku gpp

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