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Monday, March 6, 2017

Out of Desperation

I'm really tired of working with companies, agencies, or even friends who are always excited and deadline-tight when it comes to the work, but always run away or delay for the longest time when it comes to making payments and make one excuse after another to not pay. I am tired of always fulfilling my duties and commitments on time, professionally and at my best, but when everything is done and I am supposed to receive my payment, I have to chase these people via Whatsapp, SMS, email, and even make several calls just to get what is simply my right. It's like I have to beg just to earn what I deserve. Why?

Dear agencies, big companies, startups, entrepreneurs, let tell me you something. You know how our parents always taught us how to always keep our promises when we were kids? Well, payments are just like promises, even worse, they are under a legal contract. When you can't even keep a promise moreover pretend that what you are doing is not illegal - you are taking away people's right, which makes you no different than a thief or corruptor.

Thank you.


Hanifa said...

Sedih banget saat kita udah ngerjain semua kerjaan on time, tapi pembayaran dari mereka telat, sampe paling parah telatnya beberapa bulan :((

Jump & Down said...

Hi Diana. I experienced my self handling with a big company who tend to rushing everything so it can be executed well but when in term of payment, we haven't received anything since end of 2016 and I still contacting them till now, March 2017. I know how frustrating it can be.

From this bad experience, I think you should make a date line ultimatum, if you are not receive any payment in , for example, 30 -60 working days, there will be a late penalty, let say 10-20% from total . This way, it will make the company take this very seriously, because I know, every cents count to them. Just a sharing :) hope it can help!

firisa said...

i feel you

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