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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Like Thin Air

I feel like I haven't blogged for so long. I have been wanting to, but every time I want to, my sad feelings take over, and I don't like writing when I'm overly sad. It's been a weird week mostly due to family matters. Shahmeer was sick for two days, then I fell sick too, and some other things irritated me so much I felt that I wasn't being myself.

Have you ever felt that you've done so much for other people but after everything you do, you're still - and have always been - invisible?

Happy Sunday, guys.



hunz said...

Happy Sunday Die,
My case, weirdly, I'm invisible because I'm too visible or too close to them. I do believe when we are away or far from the people who don't literally "see" us, finally they'll notice our real existence.. too complicated, but I've been in your position too..


Mary Andrikus said...

Kak D,
This is what I've been feeling for this whole month. I really, really feel this way. I'm trying to cheer myself up by saying "maybe I'm not visible enough to them because I don't try hard enough to reach out to them", and trying to be more selfless.

Hopefully, things get better for both of us, kak D. :)

Unknown said...

ever feel the same way :)

lot of smile,
Anak Super

Nana said...

My husband caught cheating after everything I've done for him
Be strong
There's always silver lining after the hurricane
I hope..

copyproof said...

Sabar kak Di! Semangat!
Concentrate on those who matters. Those who treat you preciously. Those who make you feel enlightened.
Your life is too wonderful to be concentrating on those who cant appreciate your worth.


Audrey said...

Hi kak Diana,

I have been reading your blog since forever and I just want to say that your writing and you as a person really inspire me :) Yes, I experience that a lot but what I learnt help is letting go and knowing that you've done your best and all things will work out in time. One day, they will see what you've done. It won't be today but it will be one day :)

Sending lots of love,


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