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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another Note on Letting Go.

If I were to claim something that I am good at with no intention of bragging or being big-headed but just to simply be honest about myself, I am (really) good at letting go. The process of being up and down and in between being bullied, underestimated and isolated have made me the person who owns a heart big enough to let go.

I easily let go of things that make me angry. Most of the time, I am calm and composed. I do not get upset and emotional easily. When someone says something bad about me, I just listen, perhaps raise my eyebrows, and smile. If it bothers me so much, I would just talk back nicely to try to understand why the other person was behaving that way.

I easily let go of things that cannot be undone. It's because I don't find it useful to grieve over things that has been done. If anything, I would take it as a lesson so I can be better or more careful next time. The other day, Sharjeel by mistake stepped on my new Chanel shoes and left a big scratch on the leather. He was surprised that I was not angry at all although he felt really bad about it. He asked me how I could be so calm about it. So I told him, "it's the risk of wearing shoes. No matter how cheap or expensive my shoes are, shoes are shoes.

I easily let go of my belongings if I feel it can be of greater value for someone else. It has been a habit of cleaning out my closet and donate tons of clothes and bags to people who I feel would appreciate or need it more. There are very few items that I keep from my childhood, and interestingly, they are rarely objects of luxury. Instead, they are mostly journals and photos.

I easily let go of my day if it went sour or bad. I just put it to sleep and believe that tomorrow will be better.

I believe that letting go is good for me, for you. Letting go means living a life with little baggage so you would feel very light in your every move. You would have better appreciation towards life because you know nothing is ever permanent. And so every day becomes meaningful.


FJ said...

I need to learn this art of letting go. beautiful entry!

hanny arianty gultom said...

Just like my husband.. he told me that losing or letting go his beloved sister was the worst thing in his life, so it gave him that skill. have a nice day Die.



heny said...

surprise, aq baru ketemu pribadi yang seperti ini. so inspiring :)

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