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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pink & Clean

Let’s talk about something different today: facial cleansers! :)

When I first saw this new Ovale Cleansing Gel, the one thing that went on my mind was.. that’s nice shade of pink! :D

This facial cleanser comes in a small bottle that is practical to keep and carry around for traveling, so the packaging size is definitely on point.

To use this cleanser, all you need to do is pour an appropriate amount of the gel onto the palm, wipe through the face and neck gently, and wipe off using a cotton pad. The gel texture is light and non-sticky, and I love how refreshing it feels to the skin, making my face bright and clean afterwards. Even when I’ve washed my face with another facial wash and feel that my face is already very clean, another wipe using Ovale Cleansing Gel still proves that it is not fully clean yet, hence the need of this product.

With only a small amount of gel, it removes dirt and oil fully. The after-affect of this Ovale Cleansing Gel is my favorite, making my skin feeling clean, soft and also matte.

And hey, it’s pink! :)


Mrs. Aa said...

nice post.. love to read it

Mrs. Aa

Rie_Uchul said...

artikelnya bagus-bagus kak

Unknown said...

love this product :)

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