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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Day of 2016

Call me ridiculous, but I've been thinking for so long today on what to upload as my last post in 2016. I wish I could write something as jolly as my friends feel about their awesome year, and although my year has personally been blessed too, I do not feel the same way whole-fully. I feel that 2016 has been tough for this world. The massive shootings, the rising discrimination once again towards certain races and religions and colors, Trump, the Ahok case, terrorism attacking both muslims and non-muslims, bans on burqa in certain countries, the monthly news on ISIS hitting a new city, Aleppo, OMG, it just does not stop. It breaks my heart so deeply to see the world getting so much more technologically advanced yet so mentally moving backwards where every body starts separating themselves once again just because - we are different. This phenomenon is living among us, it is breathing quietly in our daily lives, separating us apart slowly but deadly. And although death is always near us, doesn't it feel that 2016 has so many more deaths in it?

On this NYE, I really pray for a better 2017 for all of us around the globe. I pray that 2017 will be safer for all of us, more peaceful, less judgmental, more love, less crime. But most importantly, believe that the change you wish to see in this world starts from yourself. Good night ❤️ - D

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