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Monday, October 17, 2016

Yoghurt Flirt

I am a fan and a believer of yogurt because it has many benefits for our health. It's as yummy as dessert, but without the guilt. Yogurt is known good in preventing osteoporosis (because it contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D), reduces the risk of high blood pressure, and improves our digestion system. My husband S comes from Pakistan and in his country, yogurt is also used as one of their main ingredients in almost everything; for cooking, for drinks, for sauces. Because of him, we nowadays consume a lot of yogurt on a daily basis for the whole family.

 photo jj_zpsl00cng6m.jpg

For breakfast, S and I like to eat muesli and oats with fruits and yogurt. This is probably one of the things I most look forward to in my day; having a healthy yummy kind of breakfast. It's a really great way so start the day (and a great mood booster) because it's light yet filling and packed with nutrients.

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My mother-in-law was the one who taught me about the many meals we can actually cook using yogurt. My favorite has got to be this Yogurt Chicken and I can assure you it is very healthy alright. How can it not be because this delicious dish only uses 4 basic ingredients; chicken, water, black pepper and yogurt. No oil, no other seasonings. It's also probably one the easiest dishes to make and the taste all comes for the yogurt itself.

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As a snack on the go, we drink yogurt too. The new Heavenly Blush yogurt drink comes in a new Wholesome Ogirnal flavor that tastes really creamy and not so sour, it sort of makes you feel like you're drinking vanilla ice cream even though it contains no artificial flavoring.It's so good.

 photo jjjj_zpsa8pzdlty.jpg

Just a tip though; make sure we choose the right yogurt. Choose one that has the right level of acidity, is low-fat, low sugar, high in calcium and contains Prebiotic. Be a proud Yogurtarian, peeps! #HealthNow


Larissa said...

Makasih informasi kak diana riska :-*

Anonymous said...

enak nih resepnya paling enak lg kalo sambil nonton film di

Nursidik said...

Terima kasih informasi nya kaka.
Sangat membantu saya soal ini

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