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Sunday, June 19, 2016

About Art

My yesterday's art purchases from BazArt make me happpyyyyyyy...

 photo Untitled-1_zpsxnokbkyx.jpg

I truly believe in buying art, because to be able to own a piece of the artist's heart and soul, not only is it a beautiful feeling to have, but it requires more effort than just pinning their works on Pinterest and right-click-and-save-ing them to your computer. Some of my friends like to ask me why I would spend so much on a simple framed art while in fact, I can simply make something similar on my own. I guess, that's when I draw the line between D-I-Y-ing and purchasing an original. When you are willing to spend your money on art, it shows a lot. It shows that you respect originality, you understand the value of an "idea", you appreciate the beauty of a thinking process, you appreciate details (because details matter), and you are willing to connect to someone else on a deeper level. When I buy an artist's work, I feel like I am connected to her / him in a special way. And for me, that feeling is magical.

Buy art. Trust me, buying art will change how you feel about yourself. You will feel good.


Adele said...

so many amazing things :)

Ismail N said...

Hi Diana. This is my first time here and I'm really impress with your blog.
As for the art, I'm not sure about the connection. Not kinda into art thingy. But YES, I agree that we should pay for someone art, especially if we want to use it. It's a matter of respect and acknowledgement of their effort.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Art things always make me happy too :)

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