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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Now I Get It

To feel is to live. To live is to learn. To learn is to accept. To accept is to be content.


Adeayu Hadijah said...

semoga aku bisa belajar "menerima" juga kak :') ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥

Sinead said...

Yes, absolutely. This is so wise.


Unknown said...

Kak Di, I just finished reading your second volume of 88 Love Life and I just want to say that thank you, thank you and thank you for being such an incredible person. Your thoughts always amaze me, like since I was 14 years old, the time when you always blogged your ootd pictures with the background of your own room till today, I'm 21 right now, when you have such a lovely home with such a lovely little family and I want to tell you that learned a lot from you, to be the person I am today.
Not so many people can explain the true meaning of happiness these days. They said, thousands followers online and pictures get liked by many, expensive bags and make-ups, hanging out at so-called trendy cafes and restos on weekend, but they miss that even little things around us matter too.
And you're one of the minority of people these days who can understand what happiness really is. Thank you Kak Di. I hope God will always keep you and your family safe and filled with positivity and happiness :)

john said...

To accept is to be content.'s not easy. :))

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