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Sunday, January 17, 2016

#88LOVELIFE VOL. 02 is Officially Launched!

Sooooooo grateful, excited. I'm also nervous though because I don't know how you guys would respond to our new book hehehe.

#88LOVELIFE VOL. 02 is finally officially launched todaaaaaay and we can not be any happier. This book happened so so quickly. I wrote it in 1 month, and Dinda finished her illustrations in just 2 weeks. We're like CRAZY. Everything flowed naturally because we just love #88LOVELIFE so much...:)

I would say that this book is more mature, more honest, more realistic. I love the things I wrote in it. There's a lot about my baby too this time. I hope this book can be something Shahmeer will treasure in his life later in the future. This book is dedicated to my baby and husband. It is also dedicated to my parents whom I love so much despite their weird ways in showing their love. I love them.

Available in all Gramedia bookstores starting tomorrow. Grab a copy, okay? I hope you love the book! :)

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Cik karmila said...

your book also famous in malaysia..hope t0 see y0u in malaysia ! congrates..

nurul rahma said...

Bikin di Surabaya jugaaaa dong!

Unknown said...

Congrats kak <3

Alsheila's Blog said...

Nyesel banget aku gak bisa dateng :( ayo dong bikin 1 kali lagi acaranya :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations for your new book kk Dinda n kk Diana :)

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Willova said...

Greatttt! Selamat kakak Diana Rikasari..
semoga selalu menginspirasi..:D

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