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Saturday, December 5, 2015

IMHO, No Offense.

To label a woman a muslim or not based on her decision to wear or not to wear hijab is as shallow as someone labeling your own father for not being a muslim because he still likes to miss his prayers. Phewh, that sounded harsh, yes? Exactly.

"Hijab is compulsory". "Praying 5 times a day" is also compulsory. But if a person still likes to skip his prayers, it does not make him "not a muslim".

In my most humble opinion, religion is a personal journey of progression. If someone has decided to become a muslim, then respect his decision and his status as a muslim regardless how he practices his obligations. He's a muslim, and he's working on it. Just like a woman's journey of wearing and not wearing hijab. That's all.

You wear hijab, you pray 5 times a day, you practice kindness, great! Kudos for you! You might feel so good about yourself already, but hey, understand that there are so many things within a human that needs to be improved because nobody is perfect. Continue to keep improving yourself even further and do not point fingers at others.

You wear hijab, you like to skip your prayers sometimes, great! Nobody is perfect. Just keep
improving yourself and do not point fingers at others.

You don't wear hijab, you pray 5 times a day, you contribute a lot to the society, you're doing fine! There's room for improvement, you're heading there, great! Nobody is perfect. Just keep improving yourself and do not point fingers at others.

You don't wear hijab, you like to skip your prayers sometimes, great! Nobody is perfect. Just keep improving yourself and do not point fingers at others.

Understand that religion is a personal process, not an immediate standardized setup. Stop judging.


Lia Harahap said...


bukan hak kita bilang benar atau salah terhadap akhlak seseorang.

nice words, mbak Dian :)

Unknown said...

touche, mbak di.
read it somewhere that kl kita ngejudge, sebenernya di dalamnya ada unsur ngrasa holier than thou, kita lebih baik, lebih bener... secara gak langsung berarti kita menyombongkan diri kan? :)
hopefully kita bisa lebih nahan diri buat ngejudge orang.

Adeayu Hadijah said...

'm totally agree with your opinion kak D, ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥

Dyn said...

Wow kak, you voice it in such a beautiful way... The argument you put in there is so well-written that makes me smiling cuz I know we have the same thoughts.


Zatil said...

I have always been your supporter, but on this issue I have to disagree.

There is no way we can say hijab is like breastfeeding. Hijab might not be everything there is to a muslim woman, but it is an essential part of our faith as Allah has made it perfectly clear it is a requirement to cover up. It's wajib, and it means we have to follow and do it as our part of Allah's servant.

Breastfeeding, on the other hand, is NOT a requirement - it is just an another beneficial way to provide nutrients to your baby as breastmilk is far more superior than formula. BUT you do not need to breastfeed if you don't want to. It's not wajib.

So please correct your understanding as you have many young female followers who might misunderstand this concept. Hijab might not be everything to you, but to Allah it is a requirement to cover up and protect our aurah as a humble servant of Him.

copeland compressor said...

: D wah cool, if everyone reading this blog, probably the same as mine, amazed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Zatil, who are you to tell Diana to 'correct' her views? Who died and made you queen of the world? Hahaha... no wonder the world is filled with hatred. If condemning people like you own the world is the 'it' thing nowadays, congrats. But wow, I have to say I admire your boldness. You must be doing everything right and are sinless, eh?

Sorry, Diana, didn't mean to start a ruckus. I just had to say it, because it kills me everytime I see a bigot. I respect your opinions and totally admire the way you voice them out. Cheers.

Kalyana said...

I agree on the "stop judging and pointing your fingers to other people." Nowadays, when actresses or public figures post their photos on instagram, say a they wear a bikini on the beach, people will judge them as sinful person because they dont cover their body. As sadly, the only people comment and judge about this are Indonesian people.

It's so sad that Indonesian people are very judgemental and full of hatred. Like there are always things to hate, no matter how good the figure is. Sometimes, i wish those judgemental people can reflect on themselves and see how his/her life is. Honestly, people's life should be done according to themselves. Stop judging.

Ninda said...

namun sebenernya yah hidup nggak bisa lepas dari judge menjudge kak, tak kenal makan ngejudge :) yah gitu deh... meskipun mungkin bisa jadi kakak merasakan demikian namun sama juga kok dengan kami yang berjilbab, ketika kami masuk ke perusahaan... ada yang tidak diterima karena berjilbab, meskipun cvnya bagus diterima kalau mau lepas jilbab. atau mau diterima dengan syarat ini itu, harus tetep pake celana lah tetep pake seragam yang ketat lah...yeah right itu padahal masih di Indonesia. dulu bahkan saya sempat mengalami yang namanya kerudungan besar=teroris. bisa dibayangkan bagaimana kondisi saudara kita yang minoritas.

yang saya coba bilang adalah, apapun kita pakai... sulit untuk lepas dari pandangan judge menjudge orang :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Zatil,
Aku ngerti sih maksud kamu disini. Tapi mungkin kita juga harus berpikir dari sudut pandang yang lain. Aku yakin kak Diana sendiri juga tahu bahwa mengenakan hijab itu wajib hukumnya untuk muslim tapi disini dia ingin menjelaskan bahwa ketika seseorang (muslim) belum berhijab bukan berarti kita bisa seenaknya menjudge dia ini-itu termasuk menjudge bahwa dia bukan seorang muslim. Yang sudah berhijab dan melaksanakan perintah2 agama, bagus, tapi cobalah untuk menahan diri untuk jangan merasa sombong lalu point fingers at others. Adalah hal yang baik jika kita bermaksud mengingatkan soal agama tapi cobalah untuk mengingatkan dengan cara yang baik & 'asyik' (asyik disini maksudnya gak asal menjudge ya ^^). Untuk para pembaca juga aku yakin mereka bisa mengerti apa maksud kak Diana disini.
well, this is just my opinion sih ^^

S.T.O.R.Y said...

kak diaaaa..mudah-mudahkan perubahannya semakin meningkat ya! dari busana yang cuma tertutup juga ga apa2, kan semua butuh proses.. jangan sedih jangan sakit hati sama omongan orang, jgn lupa bersyukur kak diaa masih diingetin sama Tuhan ^^
mudah2an kak diaa dikerudung secepatnya ya sayang <3 . Karena itu kewajiban kita sbg muslimah, wajib seperti salat..ada di qur'an diulang sampai beberapa kali ^^

Ajeng rara tirta said...

Kak Di, i'm totally agree with your posted! Hijab is not something you have to showing off to people whether you being a good muslim or not. Because sometimes i felt people who using Hijab is not even better with people not using it.

Naidelyn said...

Couldn't agree more with you kak Di.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the amount of people who label a woman a muslim or not based on her decision to wear or not to wear hijab are so few compares to the amount of people who thinks that the act of a muslim woman for not wearing a hijab is obviously a wrong way.

I wonder, can you see how hypocrite you are? Do you actually wrote this post? By this blog that you made yourself, you have proved that you are woman who doesn't wear hijab in public for years. You don't make a freaking progress. What a shame.

Do what religion tells you to do, and dont't do what religion forbids you to do. Religion is simple. If you keep going on and making reasons to defend your act of doing an obviously wrong thing, then we know you're just being stubborn.

Anonymous said...

berhijab itu WAJIB, nothing to argue. PERIOD
bukan masalah siap ga siap, tapi itu PERINTAH.
bos diturutin, blogger diturutin, perintah tuhannya dimaenin.
IQRA', cuma itu aja sih kuncinya

Ike Susesta Adelia said...

Mungkin bukannya nge-judge kak di, tapi sesama muslim wajib memberitahu bagi yang belum tahu,mengingatkan bagi yang sudah tahu tapi belum mengerjakannya. Islam itu indah. Islam peduli pada sesama saudaranya, kak di ^^

Jake Wayhab said...

Seriously? You're making excuses for doing such a sin? The way you wrote this blog post can make people believe that is sooooo fine to not wearing a hijab. Stuff to be spreaded like this is dangerous. People out there are working hard for educate people to do what is right based on their religion, and you're just making the opposite. You just made yourself a horrible person. You should realize that. Wake up.
Can you see the point? Is about whether you question yourself for your act or not, not just about complaining stuff nor about the way you spread this sick mindset of yours.
What kind of person who expects other person to be perfect? People are just helping other people make choices. Which option do you want to choose? Option A or B? For the information, A is a bad option and B is a good option. Then you choose A and keep choosing A. On and on. People will obviously confuse. Why don't you admit that you are wrong and start a better life?

Mari said...

This article is not entirely noble, dear. The message you try to bring to people made me sad. If we do the right thing in our religion then it's good, if not then it's not okay and we have to fix ourselves. I know in Islam, we are always seen by God, right? He's so kind to made us alive, so do what He told us to. We never know when we will die, therefore this very moment is the best time to start doing the right thing. I honestly think that you are probably scared if you wear hijab now, you might loose your current life. Don't be scared. There's absolutely nothing wrong for doing the right thing. I know there are numbers of hijabi bloggers e.g. Indah Nada Puspita. Well, you are a fashion blogger, then you probably already know some of them by yourself. So, if they can, why don't you? What I want to say is that you shouldn't be scared for a changing, a good changing. God will always help us if we encourage ourselves to do the right thing, right? Won't you feel so much better if you live your life now with a better self, a fresher self? I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is perfect? Well, duh. Everyone knows that.
If you're deliberately making a sinful decision then you're making a sin on purpose. That's the problem.

Unknown said...

kak Di.. same with your opinion, that people with prejudice is wrong. i agree nobody is perfect, i agree that we just keep improving ourself, and i agree that we do not point our finger to other.

but, wear hijab is properly. "Hukumnya wajib" for every single women muslim in the universe. Allah said in Al Quran. i hope you get hidayah soon.. aamiin..

btw, i really love your work. keep up the good work. you are the real artist ^O^

Anonymous said...

Peringatan Allah itu datangnya nggak hanya dari tulisan, bisa jadi orang-orang yang mengingatkan kakak adalah peringatan dari Allah. Orang jualan pentol, pembaca, anak kecil, siapa pun.

Jangan dilihat betapa menjengkelkannya mereka, bisa jadi itu peringatan dari Allah..

Atikah Amalia said...

there is a radio that often airing about hijab. It often questions;

"Wahai perempuan, Siapakah yang menyuruhmu untuk berjilbab?"

and the answer is Allah. The one who create us.

I completely agree that nobody is perfect. But also, it is true that when a muslimah does not wear hijab is considered as disobeying Al-Quran, which is mean, considered as sinful.

but hey, back then I was non-hijab person, and this year is my 9th year of wearing hijab. It is true that everything's need a progress, but Kak Di, wearing hijab is one of the first (yes, first) steps to become a true muslimah.

May Allah always protect, bless, and guide you to His straight path Kak Di <3
Btw, I always love your works <3

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