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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Because We Are Homies

Spending the very last day of 2015 at home, cooking chicken for tonight's dinner with my family. While cooking, I looked at my house and thought, wow, I am so blessed to be able to own this beautiful home. Allah is so kind. So I took pictures of it because it's been a while. The layout keeps changing adjusting to our son's ever growing needs heheh. He loves running around the house, he even rides his bicycle inside the house too. So I moved the big furnitures to open up the space even more.

 photo j_zpsn3eofwn3.jpg  photo _DSF1371_zpseqc9gmdc.jpg  photo _DSF1378_zpszwpw6az6.jpg  photo _DSF1375_zpspvn7fbw3.jpg  photo _DSF1372_zpspb7mfwex.jpg  photo _DSF1376_zps5qwfvvlm.jpg  photo _DSF1370_zps6qzhhwiq.jpg  photo _DSF1377_zpswp2egidn.jpg  photo _DSF1374_zpsdwc8skpf.jpg

One of our favorite piece at home would definitely be this suuuuper comfy wing chair from Arbor & Troy. It's pretty big of an investment, but definitely worth it. It's huge, it's soft, it gives that homey feeling whenever we sit on it..:)

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fajari said...

konsep untuk berani "berwarna" memang menarik.I like it !

Unknown said...

Suka sekali sama rumahnya kak di!

what happen next on 2016 yah? hehee.....

Unknown said...

Desain rumahnya... it's so colourful :) (y)
I like it !

Unknown said...

hastag bidibidibongbong salah satu favorit aku untuk inspirasi dekor rumah. Clean and cheerful :)

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