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Thursday, May 28, 2015


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I've been having this weird feeling about Instagram lately. A weeee bit lazy to open my Instagram feed too, probably just need to filter the accounts I follow. From my perspective, Instagram has shifted the way people behave. Specifically on Instagram, people tend to make their lives appear better than they actually are. People even keep photo stocks so they can have those perfect shots to upload on a daily basis. It really is up to the owner of the account, that I respect. But perhaps, from the eye of the follower, I see no realness to the person inside the pictures. Everything is polished, well-angled, well-lit. I enjoy following accounts that keep things as they are; uploading real pics of where they are at the moment, what they are doing, because that really is the point of social media - to see real updates, not a perfect life. I don't know.

Do any of you guys feel that way?


Vida Zenitha said...

yap. I feel the same as you think. I just want "to see real updates, not a perfect life".
Happy to know it, that I had the same thoughts with you.


NiaNastiti said...

Yep I agree, there is no such a perfect life. I prefer to follow someone who post about their daily activity :)

Mary Andrikus said...

Yes! I feel the same way! I use instagram just for the sake of fun. But then, it kinda bothers me every time I see photo updates that I do not wanna see that doesn't make me happy but envy instead.

This is probably why I decide to follow people who upload fun stuff, doesn't take photos 'too' seriously, cats, and my friends.


Zahra Rabbiradlia said...

So colorful Kak!

Unknown said...

indedd kak Di, just do filter right away, you'll feel better.

hanny arianty gultom said...

I just have this discussion a few days ago with my husband.. we come to conclude that those people who are they who are so much attached to thing called "perfection", while we surely believe it was a made of. They just wanted to be portray like that. So yeah, I did not buy such social image things anymore..


Anonymous said...

i thought i'm the only one. i saw those act too.
feels great to have such related feeling because it also bothered me

thank you for being who you are kak Diana! stay true x

The Twisted Moth said...

Yes, Kak Di. But I think there are some people actually want to see all those perfections in Instagram for some inspirations. But too much perfection lelah juga ya.

I believe your social medias are your choice, Kak. Just do the best thing for you.

Tyta | The Twisted Moth

Jane Reggievia said...

Guess I am not alone with this thoughts again :P
I think it's because on social media everyone can decide what kind of "life" they wanted to show others looks like. I have to admit it that I was one of those kind of people, but lately I realised that's not my things to do. Dapet banyak "likes" or "loves" emang menyenangkan banget sih, but somehow it drives us to become a greedy and to earn more "loves" from people. I don't know, social media world is strange, I guess? But again, its all about our choices. And until now, you're still one of my favorite on my Instagram feed, Kak Di. Happy Monday! <3

Shaheerah A. said...

I feel ya. I totally agree since the reason I began wanting to blog was to get inspired by people's lifestyle and the way they see the modern world. Updates for news can be received on other platforms. Loving your posts. Would totally buy that hat btw.

prin_theth said...

Yes, yes, sebenernya udah banyak banget orang nyadar hal ini dari dulu. People also start criticizing this kind of Instagram behaviour, even towards celebrities. Let's say, Andien.

I realize there are two kinds of Instagram accounts that (most) people like: 1. Accounts that post beautiful pictures, meskipun foto-fotonya mencerminkan sikap/gaya palsu atau apapunlah 2. Accounts yang komposisi fotonya berantakan, tapi menangkap momen-momen kocak and has goddamn funny captions.

I would LOVE to see a combination of both. Ada sih account yang begitu, but I'd love to see MORE. Especially from people who can make fun of themeselves. Contoh, you know that cliche OOTD pose that most girls do, yaitu betulin rambut dan ngeliat ke bawah/tanah? Sure, I don't mind seeing that. But I would love to see an accompanying caption like, "Siang-siang enak nih berburu kecoak..." or something like that.

Photogenic accounts with interesting personalities are rare. WHY T__T

prin_theth said...

Also, Diana, do read this thoroughly

And it would be interesting to see YOUR process of posting an Instagram pic, no? :)

Fouzna Tri A. said...

Yesss! that's so true kak. Sometimes I feel the same too

Unknown said...

That's true, really. Some of them try to look perfect by others. But, are they really happy with the lies/masks on social media? I think, in the deep of their heart they also feel like your opinion.
I like your opinion by the way.

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