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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Dollar For You

My heart is broken to see the world break. Into pieces of ignorance and lack of empathy. A world that is cold and distant, ironically united digitally yet shatters when united physically. A lost connection. It breaks my heart to smile to faces that do not seem to respond, yet so often use a smiling emoji when conversing on the other land. Where is sincerity, I ponder. And when you no longer recognize kindness and only strive for competition, where is the joy in life? Has sisterhood traveled too far it is no longer our mantra?

Or perhaps, I was simply playing in the wrong room. Ah yes, Diana. There are other playrooms still exciting. Not fake, not cold, but warm and genuine. And they are filled with positive energy that shall recharge me over and over again. I shall then search for one. I believe I can, so I will. Let no one dull my sparkle.

Is the world breaking? Maybe. But we can save it.

Good night.


NiaNastiti said...

Agree Kak, at least we can save our own world :)

hunz said...

My cinderella fav quotes :
When there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic.

to see the world not how it is, but how it could be.
ps. Die, aku mention kamu di IG nanyain gitar ukulele yg di basket sama little pony..

obat perangsang wanita said...

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Something Real Serious said...

so agree kak


ovi siregar said...

Nice words :)

Mas Rudy said...

Penuh warna ... mantab

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