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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Baby Wuvs His Diaper-Pants

Ever since Shahmeer turned 7 months old and became super super active, putting on his diaper became quite impossible for me as he would always move move move, roll around, crawl away. So my friend told me that perhaps it is time to change his diapers into diaper-pants. And OMG does it works wonders hahaha. It’s so so much easier to put on! Basically it's just like putting pants on, you know. No fuss in laying the diaper flat, fold this, fold that, lalala.

 photo pppp_zpsxgpktuzw.jpg

For the diaper-pants, I now use the MamyPoko Pants Extra Dry. And no, my worries on it leaking easily did not happen. It stays in shape and remains dry overnight even when it becomes heavily loaded. The material is very soft too, so far it has not caused any irritation to Shahmeer’s skin. The elastic band around the waist and thighs are just right too, not too tight, not too loose. I can see that my baby feels comfortable wearing them..:)

 photo pp_zpshm8xs8iq.jpg

They come in very cute prints too! Mickey Mouse! Mama likes hahah…

 photo p_zpshxmybfra.jpg

For a pack of 20, price is Rp.52.600. I think it’s totally worth it.

 photo ppp_zpsvzq2u0br.jpg

For mothers, finding the right diaper is just as important as finding the right dress to wear heheh becauuuuuuse you just don’t wanna deal with the mess if it leaks and all. Shahmeer is now 13 months old and still uses MamyPoko Pants Extra Dry. We love!


Dinda Naya said...

Hi Kak Diana!

I know I don't have the right to telling you what kind of diaper that you should have since it is your baby and I know you want the best for him, but have you ever tried to use organic diapers? From what I heard from a vlogger (Judy Travis, if you're curious. She has a mommy channel called ItsMommysLife), the organic diapers are very good since it doesn't irritate the skin! Maybe you want to give it a try? :)

Much love,
Dinda Nayaredhanty

dunia kecil indi said...

Lucu banget ada gambar Mickey nya. Tapi siapa yang mau aku pakein diaper, ya? Hihihi :)

Turis Cantik said...

cute banget neh diapersnya ;)

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