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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eight Years of Happiness

Me: "Babe, how long have we known each other?"
S: "Hhm...well it's been since 2006."
Me: "So almost 8 years?? Wow."

I don't know whether "knowing someone for 8 years" is a big thing for anyone really, but somehow it feels so major for me. It's because, I always feel like it was just "yesterday" when I'm with S. It's never boring. It's always a "something". Every single day I miss him when he's away, and I get upset when he doesn't say "I love you" in a day. I truly believe that S and I are meant for each other. That God sent him for me, or actually, God sent me to Malaysia one more time so I could meet my soulmate there haha.

The thing about S and I, is that we are so much more than lovers. We're a team of dorks who are very passionate about life and reaching big things. When we do things, we pour all our hearts into them. And we make a great team. I'm very systematic. I see the bigger picture in things. Sensible. He's very detailed, very technical. Logical. All in all, he makes me believe that together, we can conquer the world. Sort of. ;p

With you, life is like a series of exciting projects that we commission, start, end, and start again together.

I love you, S. Like I said yesterday, I can't believe that I've known you for 8 years already.

Me: "Thank you, S. For the friendship."
S: "Partnership."


Michelle Melody said...

eight years! that's a very long time! <3
wish the best for you :)


Andra Alodita said...


Milada said...

Beautiful !! :-)

Unknown said...

wow it's so sweet! congrats kak di and longlast <3

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

so sweet <3

This is real and This is me

The Fierce Berry said...

kakkk this is beyond romantic!!! :)))))

Fika said...

Soo sweeettttt Diii.

you and S are meant to be together :) In shaa Allah forever. I love to see your little family :)

anw, aku baru mulai ngeblog lagi nih dengan link baru. do you mind to put my blog link in your blog roll? hihihi

Mitha Komala said...

you guys are one of the best couple! make more videos pls xx

Letters To Juliet

kiara leswara said...

eight years is a long time, congrats kak D, you and S makes great couple <3 smg sampai kakek nenek hihi

anyway, check out my blog!

reginnatalia said...

Terharu dan amazed bacanya...
Indah banget Kak Di, sudah 8 tahun dan masih memiliki perasaan seperti itu :')

Wish you very best in life, Kak :)


Unknown said...

you have a great style

Khairani Ayu Rizqi said...

it's kinda cute and sweet moment. semoga jadi keluarga yang semakin diberkahi Allah ya Kak Di... titip salam sayang buat adik Shahmeer :)

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