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Friday, September 20, 2013


The social media can either make you talk more, or make you talk none. The intention of one who goes public on social media, usually is with the intention to share. Because sharing feels good, and gaining responses which leads to discussions becomes a healthy exercise for the mind. However, it can do totally the opposite too - when you attract the wrong audience, and get trapped in a discussion which is nothing but non-sense. So you retract, and you talk less and less. I guess I've been feeling both in turns, like ups and downs, they just happen in a cycle.


Unknown said...

like this post!

Tara Filliana said...

hi diana, I wrote about Up on my blog. just want to appreciate hw I love the way you manage the business. I love your writing, and learn how to blog from you.

Unknown said...

Haaah those freaky people. Can they just stop being freaks? Stay wise and strong, kak Di!

wira said...

Hello diana, i'm watching you on sarah sechan right know. You have a pretty nice blog :)

Keep on going!

Irvina Lioni said...

Sama kok kak. Sabar aja. Maklum masih banyak orang bodoh di sekitar kita :D

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