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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Access Granted.

Blog is a space where we can just share with the world. No matter how substantial or nonsensical what we're sharing might seem, it's a relief for bloggers to be able to express whatever we have in our minds to others, even more when our blogs can facilitate a forum of inspiration and or discussion.

I appreciate all the pros and cons that happen in life. In any aspect, there will always be a wide, various range of opinions which can be complementary or opposing towards each other. I have to be honest though, that sometimes it saddens me when I read negative views about bloggers. I even feel that the negativity is even larger when it comes to bloggers who tend to blog about fashion.

Therefore, through this post, I would like to express my thoughts about these views. And before I do so, I would like to make it as clear as possible, that this post doesn't mean to be offensive nor defensive. It's just merely an opinion....:)

1. Fashion bloggers have nothing else to do besides dressing up and taking pictures of their outfits.
With all due respect, fashion bloggers DO have other things to do. If you were kind enough to spend more time getting to know more about us bloggers, you would actually be amazed by our backgrounds. Some bloggers do work in the fashion industry, some others work as accountants, media planners, journalists, graphic designers. I myself used to work as a quantitative researcher who then hopped on becoming an assistant brand manager. Only recently did I decide to resign and pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur. So yeah, we do have a life, and we do have other things to think about or do. We just happen to enjoy slipping some hours within a day to take a break from our daily activity, take pictures of what we're wearing that day, blog about it, then resume. That's all...:)

2. Fashion bloggers know nothing about fashion, they embarrass the fashion world.
Now my question would be, "who ever claimed that we know so much about fashion?". I can't recall any blogger I know who loudly stated "I know so much about fashion, hence you all should dress like me". We never asked anyone to follow the way we dress, because yes, some of us do dress weirdly, but we're happy that way. Everyone has their own's that simple. Our blog is simply a gallery of ourselves, us who have the guts to take pictures of our outfits and post them up on the internet. The way we dress was never intended to offend anyone who sees it, but if it does, then I apologize on behalf all of us bloggers. We might not know much about fashion, but we can't deny that we love it. Would you actually make fun of someone who loves photography and has a photoblog up on the internet even though his photos are not that good, and consider him as an embarrassment to the photography world? I think even the most professional photographers would actually appreciate him for even loving photography, some would even guide him to slowly learn and become a better photographer...:)

3. Fashion bloggers are overrated, they don't deserve the exposure they're getting.
Sometimes I actually do agree with this. As a blogger myself, I am often confused why blogs and bloggers are becoming so much news material. But whatever the reason is, do we actually have to bother so much? Besides, everything comes and go anyway. Like Friendster, who got outdone by Myspace, then Facebook, then Twitter, bloggers will be replaced one day. So I guess we bloggers are just grateful for the moment we're getting, even more grateful because we never asked for it. But come to think of it, I think bloggers do deserve some credits, because to some extent, we have been contributing. You see...for every clothes we wear and mention on our blog, we're actually giving free advertisements. We bloggers provide an alternative to entrepreneurs, brands and companies who are seeking other ways to promote. And not all of us charge for it! I have been more than happy to receive items from random local and international brands and promote them on my blog for free if I know they have the potential. Magazines charge high rates for doing such promotions, and even when they don't charge, it's not easy to gain the access. Given this, is it that wrong if bloggers get at least some credits for it? :)

So I guess that's all I have to say...and everyone has the right to agree or disagree. For those of you who hate me or us bloggers so much, I really don't know what to do to make you not hate us. And you do have the right to hate, but we also have the right to not bother your hatred and just continue what we've been doing..:)

Thank you for reading, everyone! And I apologize if I said anything wrong..:)

Much love,



Anonymous said...

well said, miss D.

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

agree with you kak diana :)

salsa said...

Biasa lah Di, namanya juga manusia, ada yang suka ada yang ga suka, ada juga yang ga peduli. Mungkin biarin aja ga suka dan terus tetep pertahanin citra positif kamu :) So far kamu menginspirasi jutaan blogger di Indonesia untuk tetep berkarya, dan yang terpenting, proud of what they do.


Ps. nunut promosi twit gw dong. Follow gw ya, butuh banyak temen nih :) @madamesalsa
thank youuu

Ima said...

This post is really beautiful. Totally agree!

Lily said...

Dear Diana and all bloggers,

I'm trying to put this as nicely as possible.

Have you read a very good piece from franca sozzani? It's about fashion blogs.
Jadi menurut aku, banyak orang yang mencibir fenomena ini karena *please forgive me* kebanyakan fashion blogger membuat hal yang sama. Mengenakan baju yang sama, padu padan yang persis, makan di restoran yang seragam dan jatuh cinta pada desainer yang sama (seperti musim lalu balenciaga, musim ini celine). Jadi orang pada capek dan anggap bloggers as spoiled brats yang hambur2in uang untuk belanja. Well, some bloggers with personal style stand out. Kaya BryanBoy. Tapi pada akhirnya, bloggers menjadi sebuah "crowd". It's like a popularity contest. *again, so sorry*

Tapi menurut aku pribadi, SO WHAT? It's a diary. Dan mengutip david sedaris, "if you read someone else's diary, you get what you deserve." I don't think it's a matter that needs any confirmation or pembelaan whatsoever. Lakukan saja apa yang kita suka. Well, kita suka cerita soal baju yang kita pake. And then? Screw them :) Selama kita melakukannya karena memang suka dan bukan karena "it's the cool thing to do", ya nggak apa. Kalo karena cuma ikutan, kasian mama kita yang beliin kita baju2 cuma untuk dipasang di blog kan?


Catherine Au Jong said...

Great answers. :D

Veren Lee said...


Kamielah Azizah said...

Dear Kak Diana, reading your post about this, makes me think about what I read last night (the link that I gave to you about 20 sarcastic tips to become a popular fashion blogger). Hmm yeah sometimes many people see fashion blogger with a negative view. And hopefully by reading your posts, people will appreciate more the fashion bloggers. Idk what to say, but thank you. And wow-yeah I'm very proud that Indonesia has a talented fashion blogger like you.

Stay beautiful! oxox

Anonymous said...

the long post actually gives the idea that you do bother. hehe.

Julian Tanoto said...

I never know that fashion bloggers have an image like this for public until I read this.
Great post Kak;)

Just look at you, I guess they must look at u. u're a fashion blogger but u're not just an ordinary one, beside u're more than that, u're now such an inspirations to people I guess:)

pity on them to have such not an open minded anw:)

mia said...

Love this Post D. I remember reading Bryan Boy's post about how crazy his life turn to be when his diary (that's how he calls his blog), can make him be respected by the fashion industry all over the world. For him, his blog is not about seeking for popularity, but is more about writing his desire and love about fashion and the rest is just bonus.

Pros and Cons are part of life, D. Embrace it and enjoy it.

Babooosh! :D

reni 'inong' safitri said...

I love this post. I agree with ur post.

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Dewliciouz said...

Agree :)
for me, blog same as my little world. I can do everything creative there, post my writing, my favorite wardrobe, share my opinion and much more. We just share our creative mind in our creative way ^__^

Allee said...

Yes i have to agree with you. For me, fashion bloggers show their own styles around the world. Some Fashion-bloggers might be wearing tshirt and jeans for all i know. But i love it. Fashion for me,( or maybe it's styles. ngehh.) is to be confident and pretty with whatever garment you're wearing. That define you. Fashion are supposed to be fun and define who you are. And readers are supposed to respect that. And fashion people too. If they prefer pretty things with stick thin models then go buy yrself a magazines instead of reading fashion blogs.

Sizzling Suzai said...

hey there..
this is my 1st comment here although im ur loyal reader plus fan! ^^

yup, i agree w all ur words, we just love fashion n photography thats why we dressed n photographed ourselves! hahaha btw, who else gonna take our pic if not us..rite "^^

**im not the kind of high branded fashion blogger who join the high class fashion bloggers click n eat at only high class just an ordinary me!

devi safrilla said...

great!!!i strongly agree with you :)

Anonymous said...

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