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Friday, December 17, 2010

I Love Tory, and I Loved You.

I aaaaalways appreciate local brands. To me, they are an inspiration. Whether their business scale is small, medium, or large, they all contribute to our country's economy and pride...:)

Anyway..a few days ago, I took a stroll to my favorite mall, Grand Indonesia, and took time to visit an Indonesian-brand shoe shop...I always wonder how they managed to bring their brand to be present in such a grand & prestigious mall (capital-wise) I look up to them very much. And I can see that their quality is maintained at a fine level, that even my mom likes it a shoe lover and entrepreneur, I actually think they're good! :)

But in all that awe, I ended up being disappointed. It was a huuuuuuge turn off when a few days ago I saw them selling flat shoes (which were lovely, really), embellished with a Tory Burch golden-plate logo on top of literally Tory Burch. Whyyyyyyy? In terms of brand equity, I can see that they're getting there, able to become a global player. Having that good of reputation, there's clearly no need to use any elements of other brands moreover the logo, especially ones which are worldwide-famous hence made their shoes easily spotted to appear (no longer) original, and definitely 'cheap'.

I liked their brand because they were themselves, not because they're Tory Burch. As a local player, we should educate our consumers to be able to accept, appreciate and love local brands just as much as they do towards international brands. That's what it's all about, innit? :)

Be 100% original, peeps...:)


Anonymous said...

setuju sih kak, apalagi kalo kesannya ngejiplak banget gitu..
tapi kalo menurut aku pribadi, ide tuh udah dikiiiiit banget (atau malah ga ada lagi) yang original.. adanya gimana kita ngembangin ide yang udah ada menjadi lebih baik lagi.

michelle_ said...

i agree with this !
local brands are good on their own without the monograms or whatever :)

i dont mind if the brand takes inspirations from the emblem/logo/etc..but putting d exact same tory burch thingi is not cool at all

Ayu Nurhayati said...

like this ka !! :)
pemikiran kritis banget

Anonymous said...

like this ka !
aku suka pemikiran kritisnya :)

ayu nurhayati said...

like this ! buat pemikiran kritisnya :)

Azyie said...

singgah disini sambil blog walking...

Ivy said...

Diana... minta email km boleh?

Ivy said...

Diana... minta email km boleh?

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