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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Label

They say, your friends define you.
I personally believe in the above saying. One’s personality can easily be determined by their circle of friends. That's because we usually hang out with people who share similar interests or views regarding life and its bits. However, there seem to be cases where we tend to try look better. And by better, it could be prettier, cooler, smarter, or even wealthier. And so we fabricate our friends, and we violate the meaning of friendship itself. Instead of being friends we are comfortable with, we adjust ourselves to be comfortable in the group we want to fit in.

They say, your clothes define you.
Same goes to clothes. Everyone is unique, and everyone’s dressing is unique. However, there are again cases where we tend to try look better, but unfortunately end up looking just like everybody else. This might happen because we all look up to the same magazine or fashion icons. And there’s clearly nothing wrong with that. What can be when we no longer know our personal style, moreover who we really are. We just dress according to what seems acceptable by the society we want to fit in, and so our dressing becomes our mask. We hide behind our clothes, and we put forward a different us.

It’s always good to explore and be able to adapt to every kind of people and situation. Making a lot of friends is essential in life, and looking stylish is very, very exciting. Just remember that at the end of the day, we must feel comfortable with ourselves. Never force ourselves to be who we aren't, or do what we don't. By being the best of ourselves, it actually allows us to shine even brighter. And when we shine, we create our own market...:)

Be true to yourself, be 100% original.


Ema Ervita said...

i agreeeeee

Caridee said...

Inspiring words and thoughts.
I just hope that you can be more drawn towards a similar inspiration when you create your next collection for Bloopendorse or any other design house for that matter, by actually making bigger/extended sizes for your designs. Until today, especially in a country like Indonesia, bigger and chunkier girls are singled out because they cannot fit into most local brands. How can you demand them to choose local products & designers when they cannot fit into most of them?!? It's a mere thought Diana. Who knows, maybe you could be the change we all wish to see.

Lexy said...

Definetely agree with you. That's why I still maintain my originality either style (black n brown lover forever) or thought (idealism).Don't wanna be a fake person. Style is not just what's on the surface, it's a holistic picture of personality inside:)

Unknown said...

aRe UNiQuE..
sO eXPReSs yOuRSeLF..
aNd iT'S GOoD tO MaKeS a FRieNDs witH aLL oVeR tHe WORLDs..
u caN MaKe uR oWN deSiGN aND i LOVe uR DeSiGN..

Noah Lirik Video said...

Yup i Agreee...
[Maav hanya berkunjung... ...  ...Salam Kenal, Ijin Follow Ya...]

idham biro jasa SIM-STNK-PASPOR said...

woowww...keren banget blog nya..kreatif bgt design baju nya..keep spirit sis..!!

darchocoffee said...

you know what D,
besides of your magnificent talent in fashion, you're really good when making an analogy.
perfectly said! :)

putri-nya tukang ojek said...

Mbak Diana jangan berubah ya.. tetaplah down-to-earth.. smoga tidak harus selalu berteman dengan yg stylish saja, yang famous di dunia blogger saja, atau yang setingkat status sosialnya saja.. Amien.... :D Sekali-sekali bersahabat sama putri-nya tukang ojek seperti saya mbak, banyak pelajaran yang bisa diambil. Tapi mungkin berbahaya bagi kelestarian blog ini, karena bisa jadi mbak berubah jadi sangat sederhana dan lebih bijak. :P

MrZam said...

huhu~ i agree but no matter wat. i ♥ ur style! ^_^

Anonymous said...

it inspired me, very agree with you! :D

Bocah Labil said...

agree and love ur mindset.
the concept of friendship and outfit totally changed by the time.
but by reading ur post, i'm tryin to be myself and tryin to find out my own style without follow the others.
thanks for ur inspiration.

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

I Couldn't agree more:)

Fei said...

yay love this posting diana. very touching

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Rianariani said...

very inspiring :)
i agree with you.
most of people right now wear "something" just because people think it looks cool eventho they aren't comfortable with it

Raj said...

I love this post
Everybody is individual and that is something that should be celebrated
People are so eager to group us and let us be defined by what we surround ourselves with, it's such a shame
How boring a world this would be if we all fitted in so easily into specific categories

Unknown said...

I do agree with you. However society nowadays unfortunately "judge a book by its cover" and first impression is more and more a key to get your foot in the door. The competition is tight and the bar is set way high. I think if you feel like you have to be somewhat not your total self just to get your foot in the door, there's nothing wrong with that. Compromising just a bit doesn't hurt as long as you don't continue with the con-man action to completely alter yourself and eventually take over you true self.

Diana Rikasari said...

thanks for all your views, friends! :) really appreciate it...:)

Diana Rikasari said...

just wanted to clarify, that yes, there are occasions where we must fit in into a society hence slightyy adjust ourselves...just ensure that we ourselves don't lose our real identity..:)

Anonymous said...

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