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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Unnecessary Questions

Someone asked me why I like to raise unnecessary questions to strangers, be them security guards, waiters, shop keepers, or those who just happen to stand beside me. Said questions would be like "excuse me, but what time is it?" while I'm actually wearing a watch, or "the toilet is to that direction, right?" when a signage is clearly right in front of me. I guess I like to ask such things because I know doing so would make them feel happy. It feels good to "matter" and be considered, especially by those who don't come from our usual circle.

Such act does not always have to be done top-down, meaning, us asking to someone who we perceive coming from a lower class than ours. I once was queuing in a fragrance shop in Singapore, and I saw this beautiful, very-rich-looking English lady standing in front me wearing the latest Chanel clogs. And so I just did it spontaneously. "Excuse me...are those Chanel? They're gorgeous!". She gave me that wide smile with sparkling eyes, and she started telling me about how she bought them and how much she loves her new clogs. I believe that I, to some extent, have made her day.

It always feels nice to be nice...:)


lida said...

Nice writing Diana, I often admired your thougt. As a mother of 2 kids you are inspiring me to be a better person.cheers

Nur Atiqah said...

hey. I like your style diana. yeah! you r right,diana ;

"It feels good to "matter" and be considered"

those quote actually resembles all of us which is I might say -> normal people. nice~

jacobian said...

well I did that too though especially to girl,like asking "is it going to rain now?".and upon after deep conversation,I then ask her number.that's the way how it works.haha...

farhana tupani said...

i agreed with u!
follow my blog, will ya?

Anonymous said...

sharing is nice, it will make us happy..

hanny arianty gultom said...

nice.. nice... niceee.. :)

Yulia said...

Hi Kak Di. Nice one :) aku suka banget style nya Kak Di :) anw, Kak Sharjeel kerja di daerah Sudirman bukan Kak? soalnya kemarin sewaktu aku pulang kampus, aku berpapasan sm seseorang dan itu mirip sekali sm Kak Sharjeel :D

xoxo, yulia

Mari Y said...

oh thats really nice ka diana. ure so adorable. xx! mind to visit my blog? thanks!

superumi said...

i coundn't agree more. right on!

Starry Eyed said...

you're so cute! and yes, i get all happy when tourists ask me how to get to a certain spot in KL. I'll usually take out a pen, a paper and write all the train stops they shud observe to get to their desired location =)

Anonymous said...

ternyata selaen tipe cewe yg ceria,lo juga ramah banget.salut!!! ;)

kan stiap postingan lu,buanyak bgt yg komenin tu. nah apa smua komenan orang" lo baca bener" ato asal 'confirm' aja?
klu emang komen orang" lu baca bener" ko gada si balesan komen dari lu?
yah walopun cuma bales 1comment duan per postingan dan cuma say 'tq guys' itu uda bikin fans lu seneng bgt pasti .

yah mungkin kadang lo males kali ya/lg ga mood tp itulah klu jd 'famous people' .orang" pgen bisa berinteraksi dengan kamu dee .

moga tulisan gw ini jd bahan pertimbangan buat lo dan mav klu bikin lo jd ga nyaman .

love u!!

the unknown said...

u may be suffering from a mild compulsion to inquire without first weighing the need to do so.

pretty normal for lil' gals i think.

Cliff Tuna said...

IT ALWAYS NICE TO BE NICE :) thats so true! :D

Well I always love ur posts! :D well ur such a kind person, <3 you hugs

Anonymous said...

i can't agree more. :)

Diana Rikasari said...

many thanks, all! <3

Yulia: yup! dia kerja di daerah Sudirman...;p

Starry Eyed: that's so sweet of you! :)

anonymous: hi! thanks for the comment yah...i actually do replyto all the comments in nearly all of my posts...perhaps you just missed them...but thanks! :)

the unknown: lil' gals? can you kindly explain how older gals would act? :)

the unknown said...

:) ladies are more composed.
they're able to precede speech with rational thought and poise.
but hey, lil gals r so adorable!

Diana Rikasari said...

the unknown: i see...i just don't understand how being nice to people by asking such questions is not rational and composed-like?

Yulia said...

haa, ternyata yang aku lihat bener :D hari ini sepulang kampus saya lihat lagi Kak Sharjeel :D

mmanson said...

Diana, u r so amazingly inspirational..

Anonymous said...

This is just my two cents.

it's kind of silly to ask questions which you'd already known the answers.
asking about chanel clogs is one thing, but asking time when u have your watch with you or asking direction to the toilet when there was a big sign showing which way to the toilet, just thinking that it might cheer people up, is too much. or simply said, terlalu dibuat2.

don't get offended, i know your good deeds. so instead of that, why dont you just ask reasonable qs, like how are you today, or is it always so crowded in this mall etc. etc.

anyways, always admire your possitivity.

Diana Rikasari said...

Anonymous: thanks for your view, and I totally understand your point..:) Sebenernya, me asking about the Chanel clogs sama aja sih karna toh I already knew it was Chanel anyway. I just think it's not about the content of question being asked, but about interacting nicely with people even though the conversation was considered silly. As a junior employee, I get reallllyy happy when a director I bump into on the lift asks me "are you going down?" when clearly the lift is heading down. So whatever the question was, I was already happy that he at least saw me, and even bothered to talk to me. :)

Linda Regina said...

Yes, I think I agree with the unknown in case of asking somebody about time meanwhile we actually wearing the watch .. it sounds too much and probably depends on the person. Some ppl maybe cheer about that, but some ppl may think that as filthy 'sksd' approach ^^; lol sorry dear.

But I agree with this thing "Excuse me...are those Chanel? They're gorgeous!". Believe me, the compliment is the best pick-up line.

Fadilla Ungaro Acsa said...

well,cara orang tuk berbuat ramah kan beda" .
Mungkin klu aja Diana bukan tipe cewe yg ramahnya seperti postingan'y itu,mungkin Diana bukan seorang Diana yg kita kenal seperti sekarang.mungkin malah kita ga kenal Diana .
Karna masing" dr kita menjadi kya sekarang ini karna punya sifat dasar yg unik .
heu ^.^v

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