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Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, Joey!

Glad to have S back after his 1-week business trip out of town...yay! :)

Topshop floral t-shirt, Benarthee polkadot shirt, thrifted cut-out denim vest, Zara trousers, mom's bag, D-I-Y bow tie, Kloom sandals

And guess what he brought for me all the way from Phuket...

Him: "I have something for youuuuuuu..."
Me: "Babe, this is a welcoming necklace. And the orchids are almost dead."
Him: "I know! But I'm sure you can pull it off."

Image from here. In Indonesia, this image translates to "menurut loooccchhhhh???"


Violet said...

hahah thats too funnny lol

you look great! love the bag

Vi from Cali

celebs-trends said...

lOVE IT!!!


Rebecca Clairine said...

Love the top combination ! :D
U look creative as always kak .


nyun said...

hahaha.. the woman's expression just made my day LOL said...

You're look like confused lady...he.he..he..

Summer Heartbeat said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! S sure have a very big faith in you diana, he seriously thinks that u can pull off even dead orchids. *applauds* :P

Bukan Primadona said...

s..s.. he's being creative, i guess. hihi. but hey, its kind of a compliment coz he know u can turn it into something better than what he can get u. ;)

i adore u diana, always!

p/s- the cut out denim vest rock!

Catherine Au Jong said...

very very cute <3

ratieh said...'s so funny!!

S is too creative i think.. =P

Yuliana Maddi said...

wow..rockmantic :)

kak..aku jarang (apa emng ga pernah ya??) liat postingan kakak pake harem pants...hehhee

yyyy said...

stunning! as always ;)
hahaha kocak kak ekspresi ceweknya

Barefoot and Beautiful said...

He is so romantic. hhahahaha :p

Annisak F Nati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annisak F Nati said...

i like your sandal..

skets project said...

you're a funny chic, love your words girl!!

Support Indonesian arts and designs

Irene Melia Puspita said...

great outfit, unique !

<a href=">FAKESMILE</a>

dian said...

lol, funny joey moment

stylefrontier said...

this outfit is so adorable kak!
ah i wish i could come down to the blogger sale on fx
but anyway all the best :)


Anonymous said...

huahuahuahauhau lucuuuuu....ya itu sebagian kecil kali yeee....ur S jg sering ksh oleh2 spatu,dst yg keren2 kaaan?hehehehhe...

Diana Rikasari said...

Thanks, everyone! :D

Yuliana Maddi: good point! i'm not really into harem pants you like them? :)

anonymous: yup! I love him for these things actually...:)

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